Take advantage of the holiday weekend to save money on a Fitbit

At the moment, Amazon is running promotions that provide amazing savings on pretty much the whole Fitbit product line. Sense, Charge 5, Versa 3, Luxe, and more gadgets are all getting good reductions.

By lowering their pricing, Fitbit is incentivizing you to get in shape for the spring and summer months. Hopefully, those New Year resolutions have not become a distant memory, and you are still going strong!

The business is widely recognized as one of the most successful competitors in the wearables sector. Although there are other brand names, some of which are more affordable, the well-known names continue to hold most of the market share. There is a justification for this. Emulating hardware can be simpler than simulating software in most cases. However, businesses like Fitbit and Garmin, as well as Samsung and Apple, continue to provide the best overall package, including hardware and software.

The Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, and Inspire two were all released in the year 2020. Alongside the Fitbit Luxe and the Fitbit Charge 5, the Ace 3 was released for children in the year 2021. The last one on this list is our pick for someone looking for a fitness band. The Versa series or Sense is the way to go if you’re after a smartwatch.

Fitbit Sense

If you want everything that Fitbit has to offer, you should get this model instead of any of the others. It has the same appearance as the Versa 3, but the build quality is a little bit better. Do not be concerned that you will be missing out on any functionality if you decide to get Sense rather than Versa because of this decision simply because you will not. On the other hand, you will receive certain bonuses.

The first worth mentioning is ECG. Taking a cue out of Apple’s book, there’s finally a Fitbit smartwatch that can take your electric diagram. The electric diagram is done by placing your fingers on the corners of the case. Charge 5 is the only Fitbit product except for Alta HR capable of doing this.

The continuous monitoring of stress is the subject of the second significant update. On SenseSense also takes into consideration information from an electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor, along with resting heart rate, HRV, temperature, and more.

There is lots more on offer with built-in GPS, SpO2, and other fitness and health sensors. Finally, customers will benefit from smart capabilities such as Google Assistant & Alexa and access to numerous music streaming services.

Charge 5 from Fitbit

One of the most effective wristbands for the ordinary individual is the Fitbit Charge 5 fitness tracker. It features a huge AMOLED display, protection against water and dust, exceptional battery life for up to seven days, and an excellent software ecosystem.

You will find everything you require for monitoring activities around the clock and even more. Monitoring activities include more advanced functions for measuring health, such as an electrocardiogram and an electrodermal activity monitor for stress. Imagine SenseSense in the form of an activity band. This is what you will get. In addition, it has a built-in GPS that allows users to track their outdoor activity without the need for a smartphone. The Charge 5 is one of only a few fitness trackers on the market that comes equipped with a built-in GPS system.

Aside from its fitness-focused design, the Charge line also has some innovative features. These development has progressed to the point that they are beginning to blur the line between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker.

Fitbit Versa 3

When it comes to capabilities, the Versa line prioritizes fitness tracking and monitoring. They come with everything you would expect from a Fitbit, in addition to the capability to capture real-time metrics on 20 various sorts of activities, one of which is swimming.

The Versa 2 is an excellent choice if you do not require an integrated GPS system. You will not spend as much money. If you find that you do require it, then Versa 3 is the one that makes the most sense.

When everything is taken into account, the Versa is an excellent smartwatch. It is simple to use and comes with most items the normal person would desire from an activity tracker.

Fitbit Luxe

The Luxe line is an attractive improvement over the Inspire line, not just in terms of its appearance but also of its usefulness. What many consider the most appealing Fitbit to date has all the typical fitness tracking goodies, heart rate, 24/7 stress management, and blood oxygen level data. In addition to that, you can examine all of this information on the dazzling AMOLED touchscreen display.

The water resistance of the Luxe is certified at 5 ATMs, and a single charge will keep it operational for around five days. Although there is no built-in GPS, you will have access to Connected GPS.

The Fitbit Luxe is the obvious option to go with if you want an experience that is sleeker and more covert than the rest of Fitbit’s range. It comes with a remarkable assortment of features while maintaining a price that is acceptable.

Fitbit Inspire 2

Another option for people who want something stealthy to wear on their wrist, the Inspire 2, will be available for purchase in August of 2020. The activity band is tiny and lightweight and employs a buttonless design, so you navigate the smartphone by tapping the screen and swiping up and down.

All of the typical fitness tracking sensors are available, including a heart rate monitor, but no GPS receiver is built in. You will need to rely on the satellite signal that your smartphone receives in order to accomplish that. Some of the more complex functions include guided breathing sessions, active zone minutes, cardio fitness levels, heart rate zones, sleep stages, and tracking for menstrual health, as well as other features. The battery life is approximately ten days, which is approximately double what its predecessor was able to deliver.

The Inspire 2 is a wonderful option to go with if you are interested in entering the world of fitness trackers simply and inexpensively. It provides the necessary information without going into excessive detail.

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