Talsam is Jewelry with Technology Built in to make it Easier to Talk to Loved Ones

Talsam is Jewelry with Technology Built in to make it Easier to Talk to Loved Ones

Wearable technology that facilitates easy communication with emergency services is becoming increasingly widespread. Even though we’ve had panic buttons for quite some time, it wasn’t until lately that they shrank, became wearable, and were less noticeable.

Talsam is a piece of smart jewelry that is suitable for giving as a present and offers closeness, connection, and peace of mind. It was made by a New York-based startup that put the same amount of emphasis on how the product looked as it did on how smart it was.

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You can wear Talsam around your neck or wrist as a bracelet. The group painstakingly selected semiprecious stones to serve as the primary accent of the charm, and they embellished each piece with six Swarovski crystals in order to lend an air of sophistication to the finished product. The gadget can be used by either men or women due to the fact that it has a design that is unisex and comes in a range of different fashions with corresponding attachments.

In addition to making you look amazing, Talsam allows you to communicate discreetly with the people you care about and let them know when you’re thinking about them. The piece of jewelry comes with a fully loaded smartphone software that enables you and the person you love to send each other messages, animated emojis, and other types of content. The wearable device makes it easier for people to talk to each other and reduces background noise at the same time. It flashes brightly when a message comes in.

The SOS function is likely the most helpful of all the features. In the event of an urgent situation, all you have to do is push a button, and a notification of distress along with your location will be sent to the person you care about.

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What separates Talsam from other safety gadgets on the market is its emphasis on providing users with a continuous sense of care that operates around the clock. This smart jewelry is a full-fledged ecosystem for staying in touch with people you care about.

The unique concept is proving to be popular. With 28 days left to go, Talsam is currently two-thirds of the way toward reaching the goal it set for itself on Kickstarter. The shipment is anticipated to begin early in the following year.

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