The Amazfit Bip, which is equipped with GPS, has a battery life of one month on a single charge


Amazfit made the announcement today that its Amazfit Bip smartwatch would soon be available in international markets. This wearable is capable of operating on a single charge for more than a month. Huami, Xiaomi’s only and exclusive provider of wearable technology, is the company that owns the outfit.

This Apple Watch knockoff was introduced in China the year before and is equipped with a GPS and a heart rate monitor. This wristwatch weighs only 31 grams, or 18 grams if the strap is removed. This demonstrates how lightweight it is. Displays measuring 1.28 inches with a resolution of 176 pixels on each side and covered in Gorilla Glass 3 are both included. Because the panel is reflective, the battery life of the device is extended, and it still displays the time even when it is in standby mode.

The specifications include an optical heart rate sensor, a GPS and GLONASS module, a triaxial accelerometer, a geomagnetic sensor, an air pressure sensor, a barometer, and a geomagnetic sensor. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity is included.

When it comes to monitoring your activities throughout the day, the Amazfit Bip has you covered. It will monitor your steps, calories, distance, floors, and the quality of your sleep, and it will alert you when you are being sedentary. The GPS enables the gadget to additionally have a number of different sports profiles, each of which offers data that is specialized to that particular sport. Last but not least, it allows you to read emails, text messages, call alerts, calendar alerts, and view notifications from applications, just like any other timepiece worth its salt.

The slim and stylish Amazfit Bip smartwatch will be available.

Because it has an IP68 designation for its resistance to water, you may use the Amazfit Bip regardless of the weather. Even complete submersion in water will not damage it.

The longevity of the device’s battery, on the other hand, is where it truly shines. It can operate on a single charge for an impressive thirty days when it is used frequently, and it may operate for up to forty-five days when it is used infrequently. If you turn on the GPS, you should be able to get close to 22 hours out of it. Approximately two and a half hours are required for charging.

“After much anticipation for the Amazfit Bip, we are pleased to bring an all-around fantastic smartwatch with a whopping 45-day battery life to the U.S. market,” said Frederik Hermann, Head of U.S. Marketing and Sales for Amazfit. “After much anticipation for the Amazfit Bip, we are pleased to bring an all-around fantastic smartwatch with a whopping 45-day battery life to the U.S. market.”

“Bip is a sports activity smartwatch with the best technology available at a highly accessible price point, enabling more people visibility of their biomechanical data to ultimately live more healthy, active, and connected lives,” the company said in a statement. “Building on the momentum we gained in 2017, Bip features the best technology available at an extremely affordable price point.”

The cost is probably even more appealing than the length of time the battery will last. You may purchase the watch on Amazon as well as on the website You have the choice of selecting from four distinct colour selections, which are Onyx Black, White Cloud, Kokoda Green, and Cinnabar Red, respectively.


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