The Amazfit GTS 2 now supports the Amazon Alexa voice service; here's how to enable and make use of it

A function that has been touted for the Amazfit GTS 2 but has not been available until now is being added. Support for Amazon Alexa is on the way in the form of a firmware update that is now being rolled out. This is how to get it set up and how to utilize it.

We just finished our review of GTR 2, and we have to say that it is a significant step up over the first game. It has a gorgeous AMOLED display and built-in GPS, so you get much of your money with this product. Clearly, there are a lot of things to appreciate. It would appear that the GPS problems that plagued the device’s first version have been resolved.

The GTR 2 also includes a speaker and a microphone that is integrated right in. Once you have enabled the feature, you may utilize this to accept incoming phone calls. You will need to go through a different pairing procedure for this to work, and the settings will guide you through that procedure.

Through the use of offline voice control, you can also perform voice operations on your watch even when it is not connected to the internet. In addition, after installing the latest firmware update (version, you can communicate with Amazon Alexa by using the microphone. When this article was written, the upgrade was not yet ready for the GTR 2, but it was available for the GTS 2.

According to Zepp Health, this will function properly in the following countries: the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Austria, India, Japan, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, and Brazil. It is difficult for us to say when or whether assistance will be provided to countries outside of the United States. The present version supports only English. However, support for additional languages is planned for a future update.

In addition to this, the update enhances the accuracy of the heart rate reading and extends the length of the alarm bell to a full minute. In addition to that, a bug involving the all-day stress display has been eradicated.

There is currently no information regarding when support for Amazon Alexa will be added to GTR 2. The only significant difference between the two products is the design, but other than that, the two products are virtually interchangeable.


Instructions for activating and using Amazon Alexa on Amazfit watches

If you want to utilize Amazon Alexa once the update has been installed, you must go through a quick setup process first. The process is identical for each and every Amazfit watch that is capable of supporting the functionality. The Amazfit Band 5, the Amazfit Bip U Pro, the Verge, and a few others are included in this category.

Here are the steps you need to do to activate Amazon Alexa.

  • Check to see that your watch is synced with the Zepp app on your smartphone.
  • To log in with Amazon Alexa on your smartphone, open the app and navigate to Profile > Add Accounts > Amazon Alexa > Login with Amazon.
  • You will now be required to grant access authorization. Please enter the username and password associated with your Amazon account.
  • After a few seconds, the application will inform you if everything is working well or not. You are now ready to go forward.
  • Press and hold the upper button on your GTS 2 for one second to start using Amazon Alexa on your watch. The second possibility is to do a slide right from the home watch face and then tap the word “Alexa” on the screen. You can ask questions by speaking to the watch, and Alexa will respond with a text that appears on the watch’s display.

You have a number of options available to you. Amazon Alexa is capable of handling a wide variety of requests, including those for smart homes, notifications, timers, lists, information about the weather and calendar searches, translation, information, entertainment, geolocation, restaurants, and questions about recipes. You may even ask it to tell you a joke when you want it to.

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