The Best Smartwatch Releases As Of 2020

The market for smartwatches is expected to see increased competition in 2020. The level of competition is high because every manufacturer is pushing themselves to incorporate the most advanced technology into their wares. The newest iterations of several products are making their way onto the market.

Therefore, if you wanted to get a smartwatch in 2020, you need to be aware of which smartwatches you should watch. The following is an overview of the brands and models that are predicted to be the most successful in this fiercely competitive market in the coming year.

Is the Apple Watch the most advanced smartwatch on the market?

The Apple Watch is the first smartwatch that comes to mind for a lot of people when they think about smartwatches in general. It might be said that the name of this brand is synonymous with the term “smartwatch,” and at the moment, the Apple Watch Series is the brand that is selling the most watches all over the world. There are now seven different iterations of the Apple Watch available to purchase.

What are some of the differences and similarities between the Apple Watch and the Samsung Galaxy Watch?

2018 saw the launch of the previous iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and 2020 saw the introduction of the new and improved version, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.

The 2018 edition was pretty hefty. Thus the design of the 3 is more streamlined in comparison. In addition, there have been enhancements made to the operating system, and the assistant has been elevated to a level that is competitive with that of Apple’s Siri.

Is It Appropriate To Invest In The Garmin Fenix 6X Pro?

The Fenix smartwatch series from Garmin has quickly become popular thanks to its many valuable features, such as the ability to preload maps and the capacity to store music. Garmin, which is most known for the precision of its GPS systems, also manufactures some of the very best fitness monitoring equipment that can be purchased. Because of its superior monitoring capabilities for sports and activities, Garmin smartwatches are an excellent choice for anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

The Fenix 6X Pro

This year saw the release of the Fenix 6X Pro. The new model also boasts a design that is even more fashionable and sleek and has more outstanding functions. In addition, there are additional sensors, NFC, Easy Payment, and the ability to download music to the device for use even when it is not connected to the internet. In addition to that, the GPS is of higher quality to begin with.

The newest smartwatch from Fitbit: can it compete?

A firm that is well-known solely for producing fitness trackers and smartwatches is called Fitbit. This distinguishes it from competing brands such as Samsung and Apple, which also manufacture various other technological gadgets. Despite this, there is no reason to believe that the products sold by Fitbit cannot compete successfully in the market.


The Fitbit Versa 2 was, in many people’s opinions, the most amazing product that the company had to offer. It included many downloadable fitness apps that are compatible with the numerous sensors that are already built into the watch. A new version of the Fitbit Versa was released in 2020 called the Versa 3, which was an even better and more advanced version of this gadget than its predecessors.

Fitbit Sense Fitbit has also produced the Sense, which competes head-to-head with the newest Apple SE and Series 6 models in terms of price. The Fitbit Sense is an excellent addition to smartwatches in 2020 because of its temperature and ECG sensors and its emphasis on stress management.

Will Google Finally Come Out With Its Own Smartwatch?

The Google Pixel Watch has been the subject of much speculation for a number of years, and it appears that the year 2020 may at long last be the one in which this product is introduced to the public.

The manufacturer has not disclosed any information regarding the product’s characteristics as of yet; however, it goes without saying that the hardware will be of the greatest possible quality. Additionally, rumors say that it could come with as much as one gigabyte of random access memory (RAM) and integrated LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Will Microsoft Be Offering Its Very Own Smartwatch in the Near Future?

Everyone is familiar with the Microsoft brand, but the name is typically thought of in connection with personal computers and laptops. In the past, when the manufacturer attempted to expand into the market for mobile devices, it did not meet with a great deal of success. Despite this, rumors are circulating that Microsoft is planning to launch its own wearable driven by the Windows operating system. And we are holding our breath as we wait to find out whether this will actually take place and, if it does, what we may anticipate from this fascinating and cutting-edge new piece of technology.

What rumors say:

As of right now, the prototype for this watch is being put through its paces. According to the most recent gossip, its frame might be constructed from oxynitride aluminum, and its design might be in the form of a square. It has been said that the battery would endure for a long time, and it is possible that it will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore it is highly likely that Microsoft will release its first smartwatch in the year 2020.

These are just a few of the smartwatches that consumers should watch for in the year 2020. It doesn’t matter if you want to get one of these cutting-edge new gadgets for yourself or as a gift for someone else; you can rest assured that at least one of them will fulfill your expectations.

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