The Best Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers Compatible with Spotify

In this piece, I will discuss some of the top fitness trackers and smartwatches that come equipped with Spotify and audio storage for the purpose of creating the ideal workout environment.

Many people who are serious about their health choose to wear fitness trackers so that they can monitor their exercise regimens and compile statistics from their daily runs and workouts. After that, they are able to modify their exercises and their routines in a manner that is highly active and individualized for them. Wearable technology and smartphones assisted in the collection of the data, while smartphones helped with the necessary processing capacity to use the data. Wearable technology has progressed to the point that it can now provide other services in addition to monitoring your actions and informing you of various updates here and there. Music is one example of such a blessing.

The Best Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers Compatible with Spotify

Music may make a workout more enjoyable for those who do things like running and lifting weights.

They are able to time their reactions to the rhythm of the music and truly get into the zone when they play their power tunes. Having a separate device to play music and another gadget to measure activities does not seem like a really intelligent approach to me.

Because of this, there is a need for a wearable device that is capable of playing music. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could play music from your Spotify playlists now that you no longer have to deal with the hassle of managing two devices?

Which smartwatches and fitness trackers are compatible with Spotify?

Here is a list of some of the top fitness trackers and smartwatches available today that also have Spotify and music storage.

Forerunner 645 M by Garmin

The Garmin Forerunner 645 M will take care of everything for you. This is quite ground-breaking since a significant amount of wearable technology does not currently support Spotify.

You’d need to invest in a smartwatch for that, and most of them aren’t exactly designed with a focus on health and fitness in mind.

The letter M in “Garmin 645 M” stands for music, and that is the primary focus of this device. A feature that was previously exclusive to the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear Sport is now available on Garmin smartwatches thanks to a recent partnership between Garmin and Spotify that made it possible for users to sync and stream their Spotify playlists straight from the device.

This feature, in conjunction with the fact that the Forerunner has a reputation for being a high-quality fitness tracker that is suitable for a wide variety of activities, makes it a formidable rival.

The Garmin Forerunner, which can be purchased on Amazon, actually does fairly well for itself in a number of other respects as well.


The style of the bezel, which is made of stainless steel, continues to seem imposing and classic.

The proportions of the dial are such that it is both comfortable and simple to wear, while at the same time being sleek enough to be fashionable.

Running, cycling, and swimming are all excellent activities that benefit from having the 645M on hand.To emphasize the point that you can take it swimming with you, it has a waterproof rating of 5 ATM.

On the other hand, there is no touchscreen display; instead, navigation is accomplished via the use of physical buttons.

The buttons have a good degree of tactility, and the rapid response has a very natural feel to it. The optical heart rate center is discretely housed in the watch’s base, where it works efficiently to perform its function.

Because the straps are so comfy, even while you’re working out in them, this is an excellent choice to take into consideration.

However, similar to other sports watches, it has a propensity to retain perspiration, which, if the strap is worn too tightly, may be a little bit of a bother.


The Forerunner 645 M from Garmin is comparable to other high-end watches from Garmin in terms of the features and capabilities it provides.

A GPS, altimeter, pedometer, compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, and temperature are just a few of the standard features that are included in the package when you purchase it.

After that, each of these aspects is put through a variety of routines that are tailored to their specific characteristics, such as riding a bike or going swimming.

The GPS tracker is pretty efficient, living up to the Garmin brand, and the data obtained through activity monitoring is also highly precise.

The heart rate monitor, in particular, is able to differentiate pretty effectively between your resting heart rate and your raised heart rate, both within and outside of your workouts.


The fact that the Garmin Forerunner 645 M excels in its ability to play music is one of the reasons why consumers should consider purchasing this watch.

You may listen to your exercise mix even if your phone isn’t connected to the internet or if its battery is low since the 645 M features local storage that allows you to keep up to 500 songs.

The procedure of synchronizing music from your computer is not only simple, but also straightforward and easy to understand. It is compatible with headphones that use Bluetooth, and it also allows you to synchronize playlists from online services, which you may later listen to without an internet connection.

Additionally, you may use your phone to get alerts and other types of information.

Fitbit Versa 2 with Spotify Built-In

The Fitbit Versa 2 has a rectangular, well-known design that is evocative of the Apple Watch.

On the left-hand side of the device is a single button that may be used to operate the interface and carry out a variety of tasks. The touch screen is where the majority of the control will be carried out, though.

Check out the pricing that Amazon now has for the Fitbit Versa 2 here.

This vivid OLED screen has a maximum brightness of 1000 nits and supports the Always On Display function, which keeps the time shown on the watch screen at all times. The screen has a maximum color depth of 16 million colors.

The new Fitbit smartwatch comes with Amazon’s Virtual Assistant – Alexa and Spotify built-in, and it features a range of features that are expected to be quite attractive to sports fans. These features include 24-hour pulse meter monitoring, sleep monitoring, and water resistance up to 50 meters deep, which enables the monitoring of the user’s swimming abilities.

In addition, the Fitbit Versa 2 is equipped with more than 15 distinct fitness modes, all of which include automated recognition and monitoring (running, swimming, cycling, and more). The capacity to track a woman’s menstrual cycle, as well as the ability to set individualized reminders to practice physical activity,

The gadget has a pedometer, a distance meter, the ability to track the number of flights of stairs that the user has scaled during the day, and an accelerometer that measures acceleration on three axes.

In addition to these features, it has a built-in microphone for making phone calls, compatibility for Bluetooth and WiFi, an altimeter, and more features. The Blood Oxygen Meter (SpO2) is not presently accessible on Fitbit’s app.

According to the information provided by the American manufacturer, the Fitbit Versa 2 has a battery life of around 5 days on a single charge.

The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android and comes with a silicone band that can be adjusted to fit a range of wrist sizes.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus and 6

I spoke about the Fenix watches not too long ago in an article that I wrote on the best accurate sports watches.

In conclusion, it is a rather reliable gadget that performs well as a fitness tracker and also provides you with certain capabilities that are typical of a smartwatch. When it comes to hardware and technology, the Garmin brand gives you not only trustworthy and precise tracking data but also a battery life that lasts for 7 days when used normally and 12 hours when used for GPS tracking. It is a little bit expensive, but it truly delivers for you, and in 2019, in my view, it is the greatest fitness tracker that is compatible with Spotify.

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