The ColorOS Watch 3.0 update is now available for the Oppo Watch 2

The subsequent release of the ColorOS Watch will be coming to the Oppo Watch 2. The third iteration of the software adds several new features, such as an always-on watch face, increased application support, improved sleep tracking, and other enhancements.

The new model of the watch was presented to the public at the end of July 2021, approximately one and a half years after its predecessor. It has a dual operating system and is equipped with a Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, making it a very high-end piece of technology. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer was a very late entrant into the wristwatch market, but it appears to be expanding the kind of products it offers. The new Oppo Watch 2 is a significant improvement over the earlier model. In addition to being a chip that is more powerful, it also includes a SpO2 sensor, improved tracking of stress, support for GLONASS, and other features.

The ColorOS Watch operating system is used by both of these generations in China, which is the company’s home market. They operate on WearOS internationally, which means that users may take advantage of Google Pay, Google Assistant, Google Fit, and Google Play. Although they are readily available in certain countries, such as the United Kingdom, we have not yet seen them sold in the United States.

The ColorOS Watch platform is now undergoing an upgrade to version 3.0. The number of shifts is significant. The complete change log may be seen here:

Adaptations made to the user interface

  • Option to keep the Watchface Always On, simulating the operation of a conventional watch face.
  • The appearance of app icons has been updated to be more analogous to that of phones running ColorOS 12.

Enhancements to the System

  • Support has been added for instant applications; there are presently 70 apps on the list of instant apps, and the number continues to rise.
  • There is an added Calendar app.
  • Support for Electronic Car Keys was Added for Li Auto Smart Vehicles.
  • Added a Health Assistant that’s called Fairy, which is a fairy that lives on your wrist and serves as a reminder to get in your workouts and practice self-discipline.
  • Added functionality to notify the user through the Battery Health App that the Oppo Watch 2’s battery has been fully recharged when the function has been completed.
  • Fixed certain bugs and made the system more stable.

Sleep Tracking

  • There is now the ability to synchronize your sleeping routine between your Oppo Watch and your Oppo smartphone.
  • In version 2.0 of the Sleep Mode, the system will lessen the amount of light emitted, remind users to go to bed at the appropriate time, and offer advice on how to get a better night’s rest.
  • Report on the Monitoring of Sleep: Modifications made to the user interface to make it more streamlined, and the addition of a component to track your heart rate rhythm while you sleep

Tracking One’s Fitness Level

  • Students in junior high school now have access to additional support and health data.
  • Added support for tracking while skiing in the snow.
  • This is a significant software upgrade that will provide helpful features to owners of the Oppo Watch 2 in China. It is not yet known for certain whether or if the update will also be made available to users of devices from the first generation.

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