The download capability for Spotify's Wear OS software has begun rolling out

The most recent version makes it possible for the Spotify Wear OS software to function independently of your phone. It implies that you will finally be able to listen to music and download stuff on your wristwatch even when you are not connected to the internet.

The music streaming firm introduced the download feature for Apple Watch customers in the month of July. This month, it will do the same thing for those who possess Wear OS devices. Those individuals who like listening to music while exercising outside and wish they could leave their phones at home will find this to be very encouraging news.

The upgrade was first mentioned in an announcement made at the beginning of this month. At the time, Spotify said that its next app will have minor UI improvements in addition to the capability to download songs for offline listening.

Users of Spotify will soon be able to utilize their Wear OS-powered smartwatches to play their preferred playlists, albums, and podcasts. This functionality is expected to become available in the coming weeks. You’ll have more freedom to do things like exercise, dance, shop, cook, and socialize when you have Spotify on your wrist since you’ll be able to manage your music and podcasts at the same time. In addition, we are ecstatic to announce the availability of one of the features that has been desired by our customers the most: the capability to download all of your preferred music and podcasts onto your wristwatch.

According to the reports of a large number of users, during the course of the last day or two, a growing number of individuals have begun to view the newly released software. The improved version is compatible with all devices running Wear OS 2 or later, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 as well as Fossil, Suunto, and Mobvoi.

According to a post on the official Spotify site, both free and premium users now have the ability to download podcasts to their smartwatches. However, only those who pay for a premium subscription will be allowed to download music to listen to offline.

Downloading is as simple as it can possibly be. Within the Spotify app for smartphones, look for the material that you want to download and choose it. After that, choose the option that says “download to watch later.” You will see a little green arrow next to the playlists, albums, and podcasts that you have successfully downloaded when they have been successfully downloaded.

There are already comments on Reddit, and some of them do not seem very promising. The most typical problem is that listening to music might result in an increase in temperature and a decrease in the amount of power stored in a smartwatch’s battery. A few people have mentioned that they have encountered stuttering in their sounds. We can only hope that these problems are not prevalent.

Spotify has decided to bring out its service gradually, and it seems that the launch will be nation specific. Using a virtual private network (VPN) to imitate a connection from another country should thus be successful if you are unable to see the latest version. Alternatively, you might simply wait till the update is available in your location. Users have also claimed that forcibly pausing the Spotify app and then opening it again will compel the upgrade to take effect.

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