Panasonic Wear Space: Create a Private Area in a Public Setting

Panasonic Wear Space: Create a Private Area in a Public Setting

This is undoubtedly one of the wackier crowdsourcing initiatives we’ve seen this year. The Panasonic Wear Space is an odd-looking device designed to aid with concentration.

The mobile device has peripheral vision blinders and noise-canceling headphones. Although we hate to admit it, Panasonic Wear Space actually does resemble a sophisticated pair of horse-blinkers. Although you might not see much around you, others will undoubtedly pay attention to you.

The device’s flexible construction allows it to be folded and twisted as it wraps around your head. The “degree of preferred immersion in a personal environment” can thus be changed by users. They can choose which sounds, such as a name being called or a door being knocked on, can pass through using the sound filtering option.

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If you have to work in an open office setting or are attempting to focus in a crowded restaurant or airport, we can easily see how this may be helpful. As long as you’re not too ashamed to wear it, that is!

The strange-looking device was demonstrated in March at SXSW. It has officially passed the idea stage after being created in conjunction with designer Kunihiko Morinaga.

Furthermore, 262 people tend to disagree with you if you think the idea is a little bit too far-fetched. They have contributed about 7,924,000 yen, or slightly over half of what Panasonic is aiming to raise through the Japanese GreenFunding website. The device should be delivered to backers in August 2019.

Price: from 29,000 yen (approximately $260).

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