The first smartwatch with the Bugatti brand is now available on Kickstarter

It would appear that everyone is attempting their hand at the smartwatch game these days. A well-known manufacturer of sports cars has just released their newest entry into this industry. It looks like the Bugatti Ceramique Edition One, which was paid for through Kickstarter.

Bear in mind that Bugatti is not responsible for the production of the watch, which is perhaps for the best given that the company specializes in other areas. The manufacturer of smartwatches, VITA, is responsible for the ingenious stuff. This is an Austrian company that has been doing business in this industry for a number of years. In fact, VIITA, a company that is used to getting its products funded through Kickstarter, has put together a number of different collections of smartwatches.

A condensed account of the history of Bugatti. The automobile manufacturer that is based in France can trace its roots all the way back to 1909 in Germany. Ettore Bugatti was a designer who was born in Italy and had the goal of producing aesthetically pleasing, high-performance automobiles. To make a long story short, the business enjoyed success for a while, but it eventually ran into financial difficulties.

An Italian businessman purchased Bugatti in 1987, and then, 11 years later, Bugatti was sold to the Volkswagen group, which successfully relaunched the brand after purchasing it. Since that time, we have seen a variety of Bugatti automobiles, including those that are in regular production.

You do not need to own one of these expensive cars in order to get a Bugatti watch; this is not a requirement. However, a substantial sum of €900 is! You are receiving a discount of approximately 28% off the final retail price, implying that you are saving money.It’s not quite the same as driving a real Bugatti, but it’s a step in the right direction. For that money, you will have a gorgeous Bugatti Ceramique Edition One delivered to your home in October, provided that all goes according to plan.

There are three distinct options available to select from. These have been given the names Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Pur Sport, Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Le Noire, and Bugatti Ceramique Edition One Divo as a way of paying homage to three of the most famous sports vehicles ever produced by the firm.

Each of these is available in its own one-of-a-kind form. However, they do share some characteristics in common.

Each model comes with a zirconium ceramic body and bezel that has a circumference of 45.4 millimeters and is resistant to scratches. This holds an AMOLED touchpanel with dimensions of 390 by 390 pixels. The material that makes up the backcover is titanium grade 2, while sapphire glass is used to protect the display. The watch is 14.7mm thick and weighs roughly 85 grams.

The name Bugatti may be found etched all the way around the bezels. The watch is water resistant up to a depth of one hundred meters, and it can function on a single battery for around two weeks. When taken into account with the AMOLED display, this is very remarkable. Every watch has two different straps included in the box: one is made of titanium and is reserved for more formal events, while the other is made of silicone and can be worn daily.

However, the amazing specifications do not stop at the hood; they continue throughout the vehicle. In this section, you will find a 6-axis combination accelerometer, gyroscope, photoplethysmographfy (dual sensor), vibration motor, GPS/Galileo/Glonass compatibility, and more.

This particular configuration of sensors makes it possible to keep track of the number of steps taken, the number of calories burned, the user’s regeneration status (i.e., how ready they are for workouts), their stress level, their level of hydration, their heart rate variability (HRV), and their sleep. The water-loss feature in particular is noteworthy, and to our knowledge, it is something that can only be found on VIITA watches.


Activity tracking provides support for a total of 72 different sports, VO2Max, and other performance indicators, in addition to HRV-based training recommendations. The GPS in the watch makes it possible to display maps, and it can relay notifications from a connected smartphone.

These are some really solid specifications, and the overall build quality is stunning. At that price point, you shouldn’t expect anything less than first-rate service.

In general, initiatives funded through Kickstarter include a significant amount of danger. Having said that, we do not believe that this is something that should cause any concern. With the help of the platform, VIITA has been able to successfully fund and deliver a number of watches, and the Volkswagen Group’s Bugatti brand is not exactly strapped for cash. The business is doing everything it can to put people’s minds at ease by giving all sales an incredible five-year international warranty.

The price starts at 899 euros.

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