The first update for the OnePlus Watch doesn't do much to fix the core problems

The OnePlus Watch is receiving its very first software update wirelessly over-the-air. Despite this, the multiple underlying problems won’t be addressed by the upgrades very much at all.

When it was introduced in late March, the watch made an appealing first impression on paper. It comes equipped with its own operating system that is based on WearOS, an appealing OLED display, built-in GPS, and the typical fitness monitoring sensors. And you can have it all for only $160.

However, it would appear that you get what you paid for. The reviews were around average. You might even say that some of them were pitiful!

The positives included the attractive design as well as an outstanding battery life of 14 days. On the other hand, there were a great many more drawbacks. The watch is not particularly precise when it comes to tracking fitness and activity; it does not offer full support for sleep tracking; there is no option for an always-on display; you cannot tap the watch face to wake it up; and there is not a third-party app available. The examples are endless. 

The difficulty is that the device gives the impression of having been hastily produced and is incomplete. The finished product is basically just a fitness band that looks like a watch.

We are sorry to let you down if you were hoping that the initial software update would resolve the most significant problems. The history of edits can be found here.

  • Enhanced functionality of the GPS
  • increased precision in the recording of activities (walking and running).
  • Enhanced monitoring of the patient’s heart rate algorithm
  • App icon notifications have been turned on for the apps that are used most frequently.
  • The “raise to wake” feature has been improved, and the way notifications are synced has been made better.
  • Enhanced consistency throughout the system

Fortunately, additional upgrades are scheduled to be released at a later time in the future. This is the “to-do” list that was published on the OnePlus Forum; however, we do not know exactly when they will be available for purchase.

  • Include a feature for an always-on display.
  • Add the ability to remotely manage the camera on Android devices (Android phones that are running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later) from your OnePlus Watch.
  • It includes a structure for 12-hour time.
  • Add four languages: the languages of German, Italy, Spain, and Poland.
  • Engage all 110+ modes of the workout.
  • Turn on the AI face of the watch.

The initial patch can now be downloaded in both the United States and Canada. It is anticipated that it will soon be made available in further regions.

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