The First Wearable Core Temperature Sensor Designed Specifically for Dogs, Dawg Tag

The First Wearable Core Temperature Sensor Designed Specifically for Dogs, Dawg Tag

The amount of money that Americans spend on their pets is really considerable. Consumers who wish to make their pets’ lives better by providing them with technology that is comparable to what they are utilizing in their own lives are driving a surge in sales of these wearables. We’ve seen everything, from GPS trackers for dogs to technology that monitors your dog’s activity level when it comes to physical activity.

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It is common knowledge that dogs do not have the same capacity to withstand extreme temperatures as humans do. Their fur is an excellent defense against the chilly weather, but it can become a burden in warmer climates. Reckless actions on the part of the owner, such as leaving a dog inside of a hot car on a hot day, are a common cause of heat strokes in dogs. A heat-related sickness can cause a dog to pass away in as little as 15 minutes if it is not treated.

A campaign for Dawg Tag, the world’s first wearable that protects your dog from heat strokes, has recently been started on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. This is a noninvasive device that measures your dog’s core temperature at critical locations in the body. It is inexpensive, durable, and water resistant, making it an ideal choice. The strap of the Dawg Tag features temperature sensors as well as humidity sensors in addition to those already present. When it comes to heat-related illnesses in dogs, air humidity is another factor that contributes to the risk. According to the developer, a mechanical engineer who often works in robotics technology, heat stroke affects thousands of canines every year. He spoke with Digital Trends about his invention.

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As a matter of fact, our family dog passed away as a result of heat stroke, which is what prompted us to begin developing this in the first place.

The Dawg Tag was under development for around three years before it was released. It features an easily readable screen that is attached to the back of the dog and displays the internal temperature as well as the ambient humidity. Each reading has been color-coded so that it may be seen at a glance.

This wearable may be of interest to you if you are seeking a straightforward method to shield your dog from the scorching heat of the summer months. Even though there are still a little over two months left in the campaign, the company has lofty goals for the amount of money it hopes to raise—130 thousand dollars. The same caveats regarding crowdfunded projects apply here.

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