The Google Pixel Watch is expected to be teased in May, with a launch scheduled for October

A possible preview of the Google Pixel Watch is scheduled to take place during the Google I/O developer conference in May, with the product’s full release scheduled for October.

Every year, in the city of Mountain View, California, Google hosts a conference for software developers called Google I/O. Input and output are what “I/O” refers to. This event is scheduled for May 11th and 12th of this year.

At the event, Google is rumored to be revealing the Pixel 6a smartphone and will also use the occasion to hint at the upcoming Pixel Watch. This information comes from the well-known tipster Jon Prosser. However, the search giant’s first smartwatch will not officially be available until October, when the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be introduced to the public.

In some ways reminiscent of the film Groundhog Day

This is yet another “Pixel Watch” post to answer your question. The rumors won’t stop spreading.

In January 2022, there was a revival of the hope that an official announcement on the Pixel Watch would be made very shortly. Although the search giant has been providing its own Wear OS software platform, it has never produced its own smartwatch. Instead, it has chosen to give the technology to other companies.

For the past three to four years, there have been persistent rumors regarding the Google timepiece. On the other hand, there doesn’t appear to be much discussion about 2020 anymore. In the latter half of 2019, we published an article in a newspaper in Japan that dropped hints that Google will soon launch a wristwatch to compete with Apple’s Watch. However, nothing came of any of the rumors that had been circulating previously.

Then, we were given some recent information that was brand new, and this time it came from our coworkers at Business Insider (pay-walled). According to the internal documents that they have seen, the device is now being built under the codename “Rohan.”

Indeed, we have spent a significant amount of time in this location. “Credible leaks” indicate that Google will soon launch their Pixel Watch. Some people, including present company members, like engaging in the pastime of speculating on the arrival of wearable technology. Therefore, at the very least, it provides for some fascinating reading.

According to Business Insider, this next device will have a circular form factor in contrast to the Apple Watch. The end goal is to create something that “at least 90 percent of the public would find pleasant to wear.” Consider a wide range of sizes, as well as a variety of strap alternatives.

It appears like there won’t be much to get excited about with this product since it will mostly be a device focused on health and fitness and will have standard sensors like a heart rate monitor. The fact that the watch needs to be charged every day will likely be a source of frustration for many people. It is stated that the process of charging the watch is somewhat slow in its present iteration. The product is anticipated to be a direct competitor to Apple Watch and will likely sell at a price point that is comparable to that of the Apple Watch.

According to the story, Google is allowing company employees who are not directly involved in the development of the Pixel Watch to test it. Ongoing feedback sessions are planned, and it is anticipated that the device will be officially unveiled in the year 2022. A few staff have confirmed to Business Insider that a launch in the first quarter is a distinct possibility. The information was incorrect now that we are well into the month of March.

A statement made by leaker Jon Prosser appeared to have a higher level of credibility. About a month ago, he disclosed the day that the actual release would take place. In addition, it is not in Q1. The event in question is the Google I/O Developers Conference. He changed his prediction today to say that the device will be demonstrated at the get-together but that the launch event won’t take place for a few more months after that.

Images said to be of the Google Pixel Watch

Jon Prosser has been at the forefront of spreading rumors regarding the Pixel Watch. He even posted a few supposedly rendered images of the legendary wristwatch a little over a year ago. It would appear that they are modeled after the original. In a manner identical to that of the Business Insider report, he refers to the codename “Rohan.”

Be aware that the images you see in this post are not the actual product in question. Instead, they are works of art that an artist conceives in response to photographs that were sent to Prosser. Both the hardware and the software are alleged to have been recreated by them.

According to Prosser, this is merely a teaser. During that time, he committed to publishing additional photographs and films in the distant future. However, since he posted the initial message in the spring of 2021, we have not seen anything.

The pictures reveal a circular gadget that has a crown on the right-hand side, which is different from the Apple Watch. The latter may take the form of a physical button, a rotating crown, or a combination of the two. The watch has a pretty elegant appearance and almost does not have any bezels on the side of the case. It is certain to have a design that makes it stand out as one of the most attractive watches now available.

If these photos are of a product still being manufactured, then the Google Pixel Watch might one day receive an official announcement. On the other hand, it could be a product that the search giant has worked on in the past but has never been released to the public.

Prosser stated at the time that the launch of the device was planned for the month of October. He did mention that there was a possibility that the project would go behind schedule, in which case the watch would not be introduced until 2022. At this point, it appears that there will most certainly be another delay.

Now we have Fitbit on board

Whatever the case may be, we cannot wait to find out what Fitbit and Google have in store for the wearables industry. Fitbit has revealed that the company is collaborating with the search giant on the development of a full-fledged wristwatch.

And let’s not forget Wear OS. Google can now claim to have successfully integrated its own operating system and Fitbit’s. If the fabled Pixel Watch were to run on an alternative operating system instead of Wear OS, it would be a devastating blow to the company’s development efforts.

According to Business Insider, the watch that is currently being built under the codename Rohan will be labeled as a Google product. The Wear OS gadget that Fitbit is developing will be a different timepiece from the other Fitbit products.

The vast majority of us have lost hope that Google will ever release a Pixel Watch. Too many times in the past, our hopes have been let down and destroyed. The company still harbors the expectation that it will be able to push the device over the finish line with the help of its partnership with Fitbit. It would make sense. To refresh your memory, the internet search giant acquired Fitbit in the spring of 2018, and the relevant regulatory bodies gave the deal the go-ahead. Google has acquired the fitness tracking company Fitbit.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that someone at Google will realize they bought Fitbit soon! One can only hold on to hope. One or two companies presently control the wearables market, which would be significantly disrupted by the introduction of a watch manufactured by Google.

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