The Google Wear OS H upgrade will extend the life of your watch


A significant firmware update is coming for Android Wear OS. It has a number of updates based on Android 9 Pie, most of which are geared toward enhancing battery life.

The Google operating system will not be abandoned. It changed its name from Android Wear to Wear OS earlier this year, and it is currently pushing out another update. The H Update, however, is a part of Wear OS 2.2 and is not the third version.

In case you were wondering, according to 9to5Google, the letter “H” in the name stands for hematite. This particular iron oxide is a mineral form, one of many.

A few software updates are included in this new release that are intended to extend the life of your watch. The notoriously short battery life of Wear OS devices is well known. Any advancements in this area would be much appreciated.

The watch you wear will only display the time when your battery life is in the low single digits. Your watch will enter deep sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity in order to further preserve the battery. Users must activate the new “Battery Saver” option in order to access the new capabilities.

Other intriguing additions are included in the H Update. The Smart App Resume is one of these. When you exit wearable apps, their status is not retained. The H update lets you quickly resume where you left off in all of the apps on your watch.

A clever new power-off procedure is also available. Simply hold down the power button until you see the power off screen, at which point you can select “power off” or “restart” to turn your device off.

Existing Wear OS wearables can now run Android 9 Pie thanks to this update. A large number of devices now use the operating system, which made its debut in August.

The H Update might not reach your watch right away, so you might need to exercise some patience. According to Google, the software will be gradually rolled out over the coming months.

“Over the upcoming months, this update will be sent out gradually.” The manufacturer of your watch will decide whether or not your device is instantly eligible for this upgrade. Each gadget may have varying functionalities.

However, there is a trick you might want to use. Strangely enough, a Reddit thread claims that 20 taps on the “no update” prompt may be enough to start the upgrade. Worth attempting


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