The Honor FreeBuds 3 Pro User Opinions, Features and Reviews

The Honor FreeBuds 3 Pro User Opinions, Features and Reviews

As was to be expected, Honor ripped the lid off of its FreeBuds 3 Pro headphones at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. These headphones incorporate a temperature sensor. It’s noteworthy to note that Apple has tried out a prototype of this functionality while they were developing the AirPods since it shows that they are thinking about adding it.

It is projected that the number of people attending this year’s event would be two to three times higher than the number of people who attended the event that was held in Spanish the year before. The event’s formal kickoff took place on the 28th of February in the year 2022 and will run until the 3rd of March that same year.

To jog your memory, the Mobile World Congress in 2021 was held in a much-reduced capacity as a result of the global COVID outbreak. In addition to this, it took place much later in the year than it usually does, and there were only 50,000 people attended the event. Despite the fact that this is predominately a business and technology event with a concentration on mobile devices, we frequently get a few items that are connected to wearable technology.

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Earbuds 3 Pro from Honor

Honor unveiled their Earbuds 3 Pro on the opening day of the Mobile World Congress alongside their flagship Honor Magic 4 smartphone. On Weibo, Honor has previously dropped hints that it will soon unveil a completely new intelligent headset, and now it appears that those hints have been confirmed. In addition, Honor has declared that it will be selling its Watch GT3 Pro wristwatch in the European market in the near future.

One of the most exciting things that can be said about these earbuds is that they are the world’s first wireless earphones that have temperature sensor capabilities. These earbuds can measure the ambient air temperature. There are fitness bands and smartwatches available on the market that can monitor temperature, but at this time, there is nothing available that can do the same from the ear. The outbreak that COVID-19 brought on has been significant in bringing more attention to this quality.

Honor asserts that its $199 buds can take absolute readings with an inaccuracy of 0.3 degrees Celsius or less roughly 80 percent of the time. This claim is based on laboratory testing. This information was obtained through the use of a proprietary algorithm developed by the company. Tap the buds three times to receive the readings you want to start an on-demand temperature measurement that, you may start by tapping the buds three times. The other option involves activating the function that continually performs measurements. Even though Honor claims that they do not yet possess the official approvals required for their product to be used for medicinal purposes, a warning has also been issued regarding abnormally high temperatures. This is despite the fact that the company has issued the warning.

It’s possible that the answer provided by Fitbit, which involves analyzing the change in your skin temperature as you sleep, is not as thorough as the one offered by Honor, whose product sounds like it could be. On the other hand, Buds do not provide the same level of convenience as other options, which means that you will not always be wearing them. As a direct consequence of this, the usefulness of the function is currently up for discussion.

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The buds have a design that can be worn in the ear and have a spherical form factor; they are relatively comparable to the Honor Earbuds 2 SE in terms of their appearance. The noise reduction on the headset will be complete, and the sound quality will be exceptional, in addition to the possible positive effects it could have on one’s health. Honor has not provided any comments regarding whether or not the FreeBuds 3 Pro will be made available in markets other than the domestic market in China.

After analyzing the Honor Earbuds 2 Lite a few months ago, we concluded that they provide an excellent value for the money spent on them. They provide the bulk of the functionality that you require from a set of wireless earbuds without delivering an excessive quantity of additional functions or features. The sound quality of the music is fantastic, the earbuds provide a high level of comfort, and the process of pairing the two devices works exceptionally smoothly. In addition, the device has a long battery life, enabling it to play music constantly for a total of 10 hours without needing to recharge the battery. When further charges are added to the case, the total amount of time spent on it now exceeds thirty-two hours.

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