The intelligent pet toy GOMI offers hours of amusement and exercise


Our pets need to be active to stay happy and healthy, just like their owners do. Your dog or cat may enjoy hours of pleasure and exercise with the GOMI smart ball, which is app-enabled.

Loneliness affects our animals. When left alone, dogs in particular suffer. This implies that your pet experiences stress anytime you are away from home. Obesity might result from a lack of play. According to studies, almost half of all domestic pets are obese.

A clever gizmo called GOMI seeks to assist in this. It has AutoStart and AutoStop capabilities and is pre-programmed with 12 distinct interactions to keep your pets interested and stimulate their wits. The ball rolls away when dropped and travels in erratic patterns while vibrating when bit.

Additionally, GOMI includes a companion smartphone app. To check how your pet is playing while you are away, log in. Through the app, you can even control how the ball moves.

The ball is incredibly strong and 100% waterproof thanks to its FDA-certified polycarbonate coating. Your dog or cat won’t be exposed to any dangerous elements because of the sustainable soy ink and antibacterial properties.

Simply put the ball back on the wireless charger once your pet is finished or you have returned home. This keeps it up for further amusement.


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