The Latest Adidas GMR Smart Soccer Insoles Are a Product of a Collaboration Between Google, Adidas, and EA Sports

Three well-known technology companies worked together to make the new Jacquard innovation device, which is a set of linked soccer (or football, for our European readers) boot soles called the Adidas GMR.

Creating touch-sensitive fabrics for use in commercial goods is the primary focus of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group’s Project Jacquard, which is part of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division. In October of 2019, the very last Jacquard product will be available. It was a high-tech spin on the brand’s classic trucker and sherpa jackets, which have become legendary over the years.

Conductive yarns and electronic buttons are sewn into the clothing, and a Bluetooth connection is used to link the clothes to a smartphone. This enables a variety of fascinating functionalities, such as querying the phone for navigation, taking calls, controlling music playing, and many other things. Google had said a month before that they were making a smart backpack with Saint Laurent that would cost $1,000 and be sold in their stores.

Some time ago, the first indication of the first device that will be released in 2020 arrived. The soccer division of Adidas published a teaser gif for something that is currently being created in conjunction with the ATAP department at Google and EA Sports. The brief video makes it abundantly clear that the item in question will be “driven by Jacquard technologies.”

It had the appearance of a high-tech football shirt or jacket, but upon closer inspection, we discovered that it was actually a pair of high-tech insoles for football boots. The Adidas GMR is implemented in the design of a tag that has a microprocessor, gyroscope, and accelerometer all inside its confines. Because of this, it is able to monitor your motions while you are playing the game and collects data on the amount of ground covered, kicks, ball touches, and other control measures.

Simply slide the tag into the complimentary insoles that come with the package, and you will have completed the process. The insoles, which are available in sizes ranging from US 4 to US 13.5, are intended to be worn on the player’s dominant foot and are compatible with all standard cleats.

The fact that the statistics would be used by FIFA Mobile Football, which is where EA Sports comes in, is by far the most interesting aspect of the situation. Your progress in the real world will help you participate in virtual weekly challenges and advance further in the team’s overall classification. “The more you play in real life, the stronger your FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team grows,” says the game’s official website.

Starting today, you can purchase the Adidas GMR from the brand’s official website for a very affordable price of $40. They can be purchased in the United States of America as well as in 24 other countries.

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