The most recent product launch from JAXJOX is a linked foam roller

Those of you who have been holding out hope for a linked foam roller will be relieved to learn that it is now available for purchase. The JAXJOX Foam RollerConnect is the company’s newest product, following in the footsteps of their highly successful smart KettlebellConnect.

This clever device can track your recuperation by connecting to an app on your phone or an Apple Watch. It walks you through each of your roll-out events and monitors your progression at the same time. It is the very first piece of technology of its sort.

The device provides a variety of personalization choices for the user. Users are able to key in what type of workout they have completed, what muscle areas they have worked, and what intensity level they desire.

Strength training, hiking, swimming, boxing, running, yoga, and a host of other activities are all examples of physical activity. The parameters for the muscle sections are likewise fairly comprehensive. Users have the option of selecting several muscle groups, including the neck, back, calves, glutei, feet, calves, shoulders, triceps, and hamstrings, to mention a few.

This data is then processed by an in-house algorithm inside the gadget, which generates a list of recommended workouts designed either to supplement the most recent workout you completed or to specifically target the muscles you most recently worked out. In addition to this, it recommends a session length as well as an intensity level, giving you the most efficient means possible to recuperate.

Vibrations are beneficial for painful or damaged muscles because they begin to break up scar tissue, which relieves the pain and stiffness associated with strained or injured muscles. There are a total of five different vibration intensities available on the Foam RollerConnect. Additionally, the device’s outside features three distinct massaging areas that may be used in any order.

This is only one of several linked health devices that JAXJOX has in their product line. In addition, there is the KettlebellConnect, which was just discussed before, as well as a smart scale, a changeable mat, and a heart rate monitor. In addition to it, the company sells conventional foam rollers.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce the arrival of the Foam Roller Connect. At JAXJOX, we place a strong emphasis on being innovative in all that we do. Stephen Owusu, current CEO and co-founder of JAXJOX, was quoted as saying.

“We are focused on revolutionising the realm of at-home exercise and making it easier for people to achieve their wellness objectives.” Integration of the Apple Watch and the Health app with the Foam Roller Connect will provide users with a simple method for tracking their recovery and for enhancing their general wellbeing. No longer are customers required to key in their information by hand. They are able to concentrate on what is most important, which is their health.

The JAXJOX and Apple cooperation are commemorated by the launch of the $99 Foam RollerConnect gadget, which is the first and only fitness recovery product to be sold in Apple retail locations as well as on the JAXJOX website.

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