The Moves fitness monitoring app was discontinued by Facebook owing to poor usage

Facebook has made the announcement that it will be discontinuing service for three of its apps, one of which being the Moves fitness monitoring system. The reason given was the low number of users.

Moves is a free program that monitors your daily activity and keeps track of it, covering things like walks, jogs, bike rides, and other activities. A map that displays a log of your movements can also be used to monitor the locations that you go to with this feature. In April of 2014, Facebook made the purchase of the fitness monitoring app.

In spite of the fact that it started off brilliantly, just 13 million people ended up downloading the app in the end. It’s important to bear in mind that while this may seem like a lot, Facebook really has about 2.2 billion users. That’s right, the number is a billion! The concept of making fitness more social simply did not resonate with enough people, and as a result, Moves’ rankings in the fitness category sank to below 600. At the end of this month, Facebook plans to stop supporting the application altogether, and during the next three months, all user data will be removed.

We perform frequent audits of our mobile applications to determine which ones are most valued by our users. According to Facebook, this may sometimes require shutting down an app and the APIs that go along with it.

We are aware that some users are still utilizing these programs and that they may be dissatisfied. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those users for their continued support. However, in order to avoid overextending ourselves, we must organize our tasks according to their respective priorities. And we won’t be able to give people great social experiences until we try things out and see what works.

In addition to this, the corporation has decided to discontinue both Hello and TBH as part of its spring cleaning. The first is a dialer for Android that integrates your Facebook profile with your contact information. The second one is a social media program that shields users’ identities while enabling them to communicate prewritten compliments to one another. Moves, Hello, and honestly all suffered from a lack of traction.

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