The Oppo Watch Free has a look that is quite recognisable

As of today, the Oppo Watch Free is available for purchase. It features a style that is new for Oppo but is similar to others that we have encountered in the past.

Up until this point, the business has released two distinct iterations of the Oppo Watch. The first version was released in Asia in the spring of 2020, and it was introduced to the rest of the world that summer. WearOS is the operating system used by the Apple Watch clone sold internationally.

In terms of its technical specifications, the Oppo Watch is offered in two different sizes: one measuring 41 millimetres and featuring a 1.6-inch AMOLED dual-curved display, and the other measuring 46 millimetres and including a 1.9-inch screen. A multitude of sensors, such as an accelerometer, a heart rate monitor, and an internal GPS, may be found beneath the surface. In addition to this, there is also an eSIM LTE edition that can be purchased separately and is compatible with Vodafone, Orange, and Celcom. In addition to it, an ECG edition appeared after that.

When everything is taken into account, this is a respectable watch that crams a significant amount of technology into its rather small casing. According to the reviews that have been published, the product has been well welcomed by the public. You may visit Amazon to research the cost and see whether or not it is sold in your area.

The second iteration of the watch was introduced by Oppo in July of 2021. However, at the moment, you can only get that one in Asian countries. It is equipped with a Snapdragon Wear 4100 CPU, a dual operating system, and twice as much RAM as the previous model. The dimensions are a little bit different, and a SpO2 sensor has been added to the clock as well.

Specifications for the Oppo Watch Free in their entirety 

Now let’s look at something that’s rather different. The most recent iteration of the Oppo watch features a look that is strikingly similar to that of the Realme Band 2, the Huawei Band 6, the Honor Watch ES, and the Honor Band 6. These have all been made available during the previous year or so, roughly.

The most noticeable improvement is the AMOLED display, which has been stretched out and made significantly longer. It has a thickness of 2.5D glass and has a measurement of 1.64 inches (280 x 456 resolution, DCI-P3 colour gamut, and a 326 PPI pixel density). This results in a more comprehensive viewing experience.

The display is encased in a frame that is made of polycarbonate and fibre. The underside is constructed out of nylon plastic (PA) and fibre, and it is joined to the rest of the device by a leather-like band composed of leather-like silicone that is breathable. 

Oppo Watch Free, in contrast to its predecessors, is only available in a single size and is extremely lightweight (33 grams).

The product does not come with as many features as its predecessors did. Under the hood, there are several sensors including an optical pulse sensor, an optical blood oxygen sensor, an ambient light sensor, and a six-axis motion sensor. There is no built-in GPS, but you can use your smartphone to get the same kinds of readings. In the realm of athletics, the Oppo Watch Free maintains track of one hundred distinct activities, one of which is an innovative eSports mode. Only four of these activities—running, strolling, rowing (machine), and ellipticals—have their own built-in tracking systems.

Notifications for an excessively high or low heart rate should both be included as useful features of the capability. As part of its comprehensive sleep tracking capabilities, in addition to monitoring heart rate variability and snoring, the gadget also offers snoring detection capabilities, which are made possible via an integrated microphone.

So that you can get to sleep more quickly The Oppo Watch Free app can track how much time you spend on your mobile phone before going to bed and provide reports on it. It can also connect to your cell phone and put it into a rest state so that you are not bothered when you are trying to concentrate. During this period, the user interface of the smartphone will become a grey colour.

Control of the music that is being played back, support for the Xiaobu voice assistant, offline voice command support and contactless payments through WeChat and Alipay are all included among the smart features. The wearable is also available in an NFC version, which enables you to store multiple bus cards, go on the subway, open access control, and do a lot more besides.

Battery life, which is quite crucial, is around two weeks without a recharge. According to OPPO, a rapid charge that takes only five minutes is sufficient to keep the watch operational for a whole day.

Quicksand Gold and Silent Night Black are the two colour options for the OPPO Watch Free, both of which are available to purchase. Starting on September 30th, the watch will be available for purchase in China for a price of 549 yuan, which is equivalent to around USD 85. The NFC model costs an additional 50, which is equivalent to about $8.

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