The Pandora App for Apple Watch does not Require an iPhone in Order to Run

If you are a paid subscriber to Pandora, the software for the Apple Watch is getting an update that will allow you to leave your smartphone behind and still listen to the music while you are on the go.

Because the distribution is being done in stages, it could take several days before it gets to your phone. But as soon as it does, the Pandora App will be able to operate independently of the website. Those who wish to exercise without their phones but still be able to listen to music or audiobooks from a popular streaming service will be happy to hear this announcement, as it is fantastic news for them.

In order for this to work, you will either need an Apple Watch model that supports cellular data or a WiFi connection. The other necessity is a premium subscription to the music streaming service Pandora. At the moment, this costs $9.99 per month to maintain.

If you wanted a stand-alone experience with your Apple Watch in the past, your only choice was to download music to the Watch directly through the platform. A software update made this capability available in January of the previous year. The second possibility involves using it while tethered to your smartphone. It goes without saying that a stand-alone experience offers a great deal more convenience.

In this regard, Pandora now has an advantage over competitors such as Spotify and Deezer, both of which require a link to an iPhone in order to function properly. Apple is, without a doubt, a direct competitor. It offers music and podcasts that can be streamed directly to users’ devices. However, there is now an option that is practical.

Pandora is currently managed by Sirius XM Satellite Radio, which was founded approximately twenty years ago. Access to the program can be gained using either an internet browser or the service’s dedicated mobile application. Pandora has over 63.1 million monthly active users in the United States, giving them a 70 per cent market share in the internet radio industry.

The new app is compatible with WatchOS 6.0 and subsequent versions. To begin the installation process, navigate to the App Store on your associated iPhone or Apple Watch, and then download the app.

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