The Pentagon places restrictions on the use of fitness trackers that log location data.

The use of activity trackers, smart watches, smartphones, tablets, and other applications that can track a person’s whereabouts have now been made illegal for military personnel by the Pentagon.

The policy memo was included in a memorandum that was issued by the Pentagon on Friday.

It read as follows: “Effective immediately, personnel of the Department of Defense are not permitted to use geolocation features and functions on government-issued or non-government-issued devices, applications, or services while they are in locations that are designated as operational areas,” and it was clear that this prohibition would take effect immediately.

In January, the Pentagon started an investigation on the current policy involving location-logging devices. This came when it was discovered that troops who posted their activity data on Strava while wearing activity trackers and smartwatches were accidentally disclosing top-secret military locations. Concerns concerning the safety of people at US military stations around the world have been brought forward as a result of this.

You may decide where to go on your future run or bike excursion by zooming into a specific place on Strava’s Global Heatmap, which is a popular tool for determining where to go. The map is not active but displays a pattern of activity that has been collected over time. However, it appears that the heatmap was mapping areas that shouldn’t have been revealed to the public in any way.

According to a statement made by Col. Rob Manning, a spokesman for the Pentagon, “It goes back to making sure that we’re not providing the enemy an extra edge and that we’re not showing the specific location of our troops worldwide.”

“This includes any electrical gadgets that have geolocating functionality, which essentially boils down to devices and programmes that are enabled with GPS,” the author writes.

As a result of the new directive, military superiors will have the ability to decide whether or not the troops stationed at their respective places are permitted to use the GPS feature on their mobile devices or applications. It will be determined by the level of danger that exists in that region or in that location.

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