The Polar Verity Sense monitors heart rate from the arm or temple

Polar has added to its line of heart rate monitors with the debut of a new model. Verity Sense is the name of the game, and it is based on the OH1+ and H10 systems. Its ultra-compact form includes a longer battery life, a greater Bluetooth range, and more memory.

The OH1+ was reviewed a few years ago, and it has since become one of our favourite heart rate monitors. It’s compact and light, and it gives you accurate heart rate readings in and out of the water. It also contains memory for caching data, as well as ANT+ and BLE connectivity and a 12-hour battery life. There’s a lot to like here. This link will take you to our entire review.

What’s new in Polar Verity Sense?

Polar has now released a new version of the app. This one has a different naming convention, and it’s called Verity Sense. Your idea as to why this name was picked is probably more accurate than ours.

The device incorporates all of the features of its predecessors, including the main unit’s ultra-compact circular shape. On one side, there’s still a real button, and on the other, there’s an LED.

Polar had promised to update the button such that it protruded somewhat more. However, it appears to be the same. One of the things we found rather irritating about the OH1+ is how difficult it is to get the button to register when you touch it. Nonetheless, that’s just one negative among many!

The Polar Verity Sense monitors the heart rate from the arm or temple.

The strap and plastic enclosure are the only things that are different. They appear to be more safe and comfortable. The OH1+ also has the disadvantage of being easily flipped. With the new design, this is no longer an issue.

The heart rate monitor can be worn around the arm, clipped to swimming goggles, or tucked inside a tight-fitting closure, as before. It’s a lot more comfortable to wear than standard heart rate chest straps, and it’s a lot more accurate than heart rate readings produced by something on your wrist.

The Polar Verity Sense monitors the heart rate from the arm or temple.

Under the hood, Polar has also made some upgrades. The battery life of the Verity Sense is 8 hours longer than before. Between charges, you can squeeze out a total of 20 hours of instruction. Dual Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity are still available. However, the Bluetooth range has been increased to 150 meters, and the on-board capacity has been increased to 16MB from 12MB. This translates to 600 hours of training data. is where you can get the Polar Verity Sense. The suggested retail price is $89.95 (£79.50 in the UK), which appears to be a fair deal. Later this month, other merchants will be able to purchase the product. Unless you want to save around $10, there’s no reason to get the OH1+ instead of the Verity Sense.

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