The Sleep Tracking Pad from Nokia has Now Made its Official Debut

The Sleep Tracking Pad from Nokia has Now Made its Official Debut

A sleep monitoring device has been added to the extensive lineup of fitness and health products that Nokia already offers. The Wi-Fi-enabled device can be placed discreetly under your mattress in order to facilitate a night of more restful sleep.

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“We think that each night’s rest is yet another option for consumers to improve their health and wellbeing,” said Gregory Lee, President of Nokia Technologies.

“Users of Nokia Sleep gain significant input into their sleeping patterns and are equipped with the knowledge necessary to better their overall health. This is an important part of using Nokia Sleep.”

The Finnish company’s slumber mattress pad was introduced earlier at CES 2018, and it is intended to be placed on the edge of the bed at chest height. There will be nothing to put on or do at this point. Just tuck the device under your mattress and hook it in to make it work. The wearable device will give you in-depth information regarding your sleep cycles (including deep, light, and REM sleep) as well as your heart rate in the morning. Even snoring can be picked up by it.

The companion mobile application will also provide you with a Sleep Score, which is a single number that will indicate how pleasant your sleep actually was. In addition to that, there is a program known as the Sleep Smarter Program. You can use the information in this article to create a more healthy sleeping routine.

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The slumber pad arrives with an IFTTT connection, which allows for the automated processing of specific actions such as dimming the lights while you’re in bed, switching on and off the radio or thermostat, and so on. This feature is intended for the geeks among us. Using an Alexa Skill that is compatible with Nokia Health Mate, you may also use your voice to assist you in managing your health.

The retail price of Nokia Sleep has dropped to $99.95, making it more accessible than ever. You can acquire it through either the company’s website or Amazon.

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