The solar-powered Garmin Instinct 2 is equipped with an incoming PulseOx reading

Garmin has committed a minor gaffe by publishing information about the Instinct 2 on its very own website. It would appear that the upcoming update to the widely used smartwatch would include solar charging as well as PulseOx.

A user on Reddit discovered fresh firmware on Garmin servers, and it makes reference to a device that is dubbed the Instinct Solar. It is possible that the fact that the software version of the GUPDATE.GCD file is 0.31 is a sign that this is an early Beta version intended for internal testers. The file is still present, despite the fact that we believe it will be deleted in the near future.

From the firmware changelog, it is possible to get some information about the impending device. The Solar Intensity widget, the PulseOx widget, and the Body Battery widget are all mentioned here. Additionally, the watch will be able to monitor the wearer’s heart rate while they are swimming.

To refresh your memory, the only Garmin product that offers solar charging at this time is the Fenix 6 in its various revisions. The technology is activated by a solar charging lens made of transparent material that is positioned on top of the watch face. This device is known as the Power Glass by Garmin. Solar technology works by transforming the sun’s rays into usable energy, which results in an increase in juice of approximately 10 percent across all battery modes.

 Garmin’s Instinct 2 Solar will feature pulse OX when it is released.

The first generation of the Garmin Instinct was made available to the public in October of 2018. Those who enjoy being outside will find this watch to be perfect for their needs. It comes equipped with navigation features, as well as advanced satellite location, mapping features, a barometric altimeter, and the standard fitness monitoring sensors, including a heart rate monitor.

The addition of solar power to a watch that is designed to be worn in harsher situations is something that makes perfect sense. The most recent model has a battery life of up to 14 days when used as a smartwatch, approximately 16 hours when used as a GPS, and up to 40 hours when used in the UltraTrac power saver mode. Solar energy ought to assist in extending this.

Given that the firmware that was stolen is still at an early beta stage, it is possible that the Instinct 2 will not be available for some time. Possibly around the summer or fall of the year 2020.

It would appear that Garmin is getting ready for a very active year. An early leak mentions a great number of products that are going to be released in the not too distant future. The Forerunner 955 LTE, the Forerunner 945, the Fenix 6 Sport, and other models are included in this category. This list is now complete with the addition of the Instinct 2 Solar.

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