The Ten Most Effective Cat-tracking Devices and High-tech Collars Currently Available

Are you sick and tired of losing your cat? The vast majority of cats are savvy enough just to find their way back home on their own, but occasionally they will get lost and have to be found. The use of cat trackers is necessary at this point.

  • Tabcat
  • Whistle 3
  • Tagg
  • Pawscout 2
  • Tractive
  • Track R
  • Weenect 2
  • PawTrack
  • Girafus
  • Findster Duo

What Exactly Are Cat Trackers, Though?

Either the GPS tracker for your pet will connect itself to the collar that your pet already wears, or it will arrive with its own unique collar that can be adjusted. These kinds of devices are pretty simple to operate and will provide you with a sense of relief.

According to figures provided by the American Pet Products Association, annual spending on cats and dogs totals more than $60 billion. And large firms are paying attention. They are releasing a growing number of high technology solutions that have been built with the specific purpose of catering to the needs of pets.

There are several electronic devices that can also monitor your activity level and your health. Obesity is a disease that can be life-threatening for your pet, even while it might not seem like it would be a problem if they gained a few more pounds. Because up to 60% of cats in the United States are overweight, it is the most common nutritional issue detected in veterinary practice. It’s possible that you are unaware that your pet has a weight problem, but they could be obese.

What Characteristics to Look For

Size matters. Your feline companion probably won’t even notice that it’s on if you choose a tracker that’s not only effective but also easy on the kitty’s sensitive skin. Other important considerations include the following:

  • Cost: in addition to the initial purchase price, many GPS pet trackers demand an activation charge and either a monthly or yearly membership in order to use the device. This is not the case for all models, however.
  • You are able to establish limits for your cat with this tool, which is a virtual fence. The device will sound an alarm and send you a notification if the animal goes beyond the boundary that you have selected. Some people additionally make use of a tracking beacon in order to zero in on the precise location where the cat is hiding.
  • In countries in which it is applicable: This is a very significant one. The vast majority of devices will function properly within the United States, but before travelling to foreign countries, it is important to read all of the fine print. This is very important for products that already have a SIM card built in.
  • Battery life: Let’s be honest; on a daily basis, we already spend way too much time recharging our various electronic devices. You should not include a cat tracker on this list under any circumstances. A battery capacity of at least two weeks should be your goal.
  • Apps for smartphones or devices that operate independently are available, but the vast majority of cat trackers are designed to function in conjunction with a smartphone app. Make sure your smartphone is supported. Only a select few, like Girafus, come equipped with their very own unique and exclusive equipment.
  • Live to track: Does the gadget provide information on your pet’s movements in real-time as they occur? If this is not the case, you should consider looking elsewhere. Also, the frequency of updates varies from one tracker to the next, going anywhere from every few seconds to every few times an hour.
  • This could refer to any number of technologies, including but not limited to GPS, WiFi, and radio frequency signals. The very best solutions incorporate multiple types of technology. A combination is preferable because it enables you to trace the animal both inside and outside.
  • SIM card: In order to function, certain cat trackers, such as Weenect and Tractive, call for the use of a SIM Card. These will be the features that are included when you sign up for a membership plan. Some of them come pre-installed with SIM cards, while others have slots where you can insert your own card. The second choice provides more leeway in the situation.

Our Personal Favorites

1. Tabcat

The Tabcat is a well-known tracking device that provides you with the ability to monitor your pet’s location at all times. The gizmo is simple to attach to your cat’s collar and weighs only 6 grams, which is far less than the average weight of GPS tags, which can be over 30 grams. Despite its tiny weight, it is sturdy enough to remain on your cat no matter what she does.

Your kitten’s signal is picked up by the directional handset, which then instructs you as to the path you should take in order to locate them. If you’re within range, a single red light will illuminate, and as you go in the appropriate direction and get closer, the lights will transition from red to amber and then to green, leading you directly to your cart.

Tabcat can monitor your cat for up to 122 meters as long as there is a clear line of sight between you and your cat, and it can lead you to their precise location within 2.5 cm. The manufacturer reports that approximately seventy per cent of the consumers with whom it has spoken have stated that their cats quickly learned to return to them when they hit the find button. When you do this, a little beep will start coming from the tag. It would appear that you are able to teach them to connect the sound of the beep with the receipt of a reward.

2. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker

Whistle asserts that it is the first gadget and software solution that integrates the tracking of location and the monitoring of intelligent behaviour into a single, straightforward experience. The well-known device can be attached to the collar your pet already wears, so you can always keep track of where they are.

In combination with Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G cellular data, the most recent version now comes equipped with WiFi. You are provided with live GPS monitoring, position alerts, and the opportunity to specify a safe area, and the battery life of the device can last for up to seven days. When there is an issue, you will be able to receive notifications by email, app notifications, or text messages thanks to this. You are also able to access your pet’s location throughout the past twenty-four hours to see where they have been and what they have been doing.

This is a wearable device that monitors the general health of your pet over an extended period of time (such as the last vet appointment, dates of shots, and so on). You are able to set individualized goals and receive alerts in the event that there are material shifts in the individual’s activity or sleep patterns.

Although the tracker itself can be purchased at a reasonable price, there is a monthly cost that ranges from about $7 to $10. At this time, coverage is only available in the United States.

3. Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is a position-monitoring gadget that can be attached to the collar of your pet to allow you to monitor their whereabouts regardless of where they go. In the event that they go outside of the allotted area, the device will notify you through email and text message as soon as it detects their whereabouts. After that, you may use the free app on your mobile device or on the web to find your animal on a satellite.

Recent improvements made by the company include the addition of numerous additional functions. One of these is a temperature sensor that monitors the environment and alerts you if your pet is at risk of overheating on a sweltering day or shivering in chilly circumstances. Tagg keeps track of their activity and fitness levels throughout the day to make sure they live healthy, active life.

4. Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag 2.0

The Pawscout Smart Tag can be attached to any collar and detects your cat within a 300-foot radius of any tablet or smartphone that is equipped with the Pawscout software. The tag is about the size of a silver dollar. This translates to the ability to place your cat on a virtual leash and receive notifications in the event that it wanders off. Together with the San Francisco SPCA, the tracker was made to help find lost pets and get them back to their owners.

You can ask people you know, such as your family, friends, neighbours, people who walk your dog or pet sitters, to download the free application that enables you to protect your pet. In the event that the worst-case scenario occurs and your pet goes missing, you can quickly mobilize the community to hunt for your pet by disseminating an electronic “lost cat” leaflet to all of the animal lovers in your neighbourhood.

The low-cost accessory does not require the user to pay any ongoing monthly costs. It is a one-time purchase that grants you complete pet profile information as well as security for the rest of your pet’s life. This is more convenient than the information contained in a microchip, which can become obsolete with time, and having a microchip read requires a trip to the veterinarian.

5. Tractive GPS Pet Tracker

The Tractive GPS tracker for pets lets you know where your dog or cat is at all times. You can use a web browser or one of the free apps for iOS or Android to find out where your pet is.

The device gives you the ability to designate a secure area for your pet. You’ll receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as it departs from this region after it has moved on. You will be able to view a trace of where your pet has been and where it is going at this very moment if you use the Live Tracking Mode. The built-in light not only makes it easier to locate lost pets in the dark, but it also makes your pet more visible when you take it out for a walk near busy roadways.

You will always be able to keep tabs on your pet with the help of Tractive because it employs GPS and communicates via cell phone towers. A membership plan is required, although the device can be used in over 150 countries around the world.

6. TrackR

This is not a device designed specifically for tracking pets. Instead, it is a tag that can be attached to anything, making it simple to keep track of your possessions. However, you may also attach it to your feline friend.

You can quickly track your missing belongings with the help of an app called TrackR that is compatible with both Apple and Android devices. The device, which is about the size of a coin, can also be fastened to the collar of your pet or to other precious goods. After that, you will be able to track the location of the tab by calling TrackR, making use of the Distance Indicator on TrackR, or by using Crowd GPS.

7. Weenect 2 GPS Pet Tracker

Weenect Cats gives you the ability to locate your cat whenever you want, regardless of where it may be. Because the GPS tracker is linked to your phone through the use of a smartphone app, you will always be able to view their location in real-time on a map, regardless of where they are.

You have the option of using one of three modes to locate and keep track of your wandering pet: map (Google Map), compass, or radar. No matter how far away it is, the tracker will provide an updated position report every ten seconds. In addition, you may make the GPS chip sound an alarm from either your phone or your PC.

But that’s not the end of it. The Weenect Cats device also functions as a GPS smartphone for feline users! Nope, that’s not a typo—if you’re not at home, give your cat a reassuring call from wherever you are, even if you’re not there in person.

The device weighs a scant 25 grams, making it one of the lightest available. A complete recharge takes only two hours, yet the battery life in standby mode can reach up to four days. A SIM card is included in the package that comes with the device (supplied). Because of this, a subscription is necessary in order to cover the cost of the service.

8. PawTrack

With PawTrack, you won’t just be able to track your missing cat; you’ll also be able to follow them around and find out what they get up to. The company initially received money to build the device using the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. However, it is now available for pre-order, and shipping will begin at the end of August.

The tracking function of the cat tracking collar is enabled by both GPS and GLONASS, and it may be used in more than 170 countries. Every ten minutes, Pawtrack will attempt to pinpoint your location (and on request for live tracking). These positions are saved on the collar and can be automatically uploaded or accessed by hand whenever they are needed.

In addition to this, the collar has WiFi capabilities and can be set up to recognize the internet network in your house. As soon as your cat gets home, Pawtrack will detect the WiFi signal, communicate with the server that he is there, download the most recent positions, and then turn off the GPS. It will begin again as soon as your cat leaves the house.

Because it has an accelerometer built in, it can tell when your cat is sleeping, resting, or just lazing around, and then it will turn off the collar to save battery life (which typically lasts around 6 days).

9. Girafus

This is one of the very few pieces of technology that performs admirably both inside and outside the home. Also, there are no hidden costs with this choice because you don’t have to pay regular membership dues.

Due to the fact that it utilizes radio frequencies rather than GPS, the range is limited to a maximum of 500 meters (1600 feet). You may find your pet more easily by employing directional tracking with the help of the stand-alone proprietary unit. Girafus offers itself with an inspired choice for you to consider, so long as you are okay with the limited variety of options.

The second edition of the device is both lightweight and splash-proof, and it also has an increased battery capacity of up to a month. After being placed on the charger for a couple of hours, it will have another month’s worth of power. Those who have more than one cat will be relieved to learn that the same monitoring unit can keep tabs on a total of four separate tag modules for each of their feline companions.

10. FinderDuo

Findster was initially conceived as a project on Kickstarter, and it distinguishes itself from the majority of other non-subscription options by providing free GPS tracking (apart from the purchase price). In addition, a SIM card or mobile service is not required in any capacity.

By utilizing something that the manufacturer refers to as MAZE technology, the gizmo provides a connection in real time between two modules. One of the modules will be attached to your pet, while the other will be worn by you.

In urban locations, the range that this operates on is a radius of up to half a mile, but in wide open areas, the range is up to three miles. The tracking is done using an app on your smartphone, and you may establish a safe region to receive instant notifications whenever your cat wanders outside of that area. In addition to that, it also functions as a tracker for your activities.

Findster, which is resistant to water and stress, may be used everywhere on the planet, even in areas that are not connected to a power system. Whether or not the GPS is turned on has an effect on how long the battery will last. Even with the most power-hungry mode (always on GPS), the device will continue to function for up to a day. If you just use your GPS occasionally, you could stretch this out to three days.

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