The Top Veterans' Life Insurance Providers

The Top Veterans' Life Insurance Providers

Extra security helps ensure your friends and family are safeguarded and accommodated after you’re gone, yet finding the best life coverage as a veteran can be overwhelming. 

The VA offers minimal expense term life inclusion through Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI) when you are in the service. 

After your administration is finished, you can change the inclusion completely to a term strategy with VA Veterans Group Life Insurance (VGLI), though this may not generally be the most ideal choice.

While the VGLI plan enjoys its benefits, extra security from a business supplier might get you the best cost over the long haul and the longest-enduring inclusion. 

The best extra security organizations include adaptable inclusion choices, reasonable approaches, and high consumer loyalty evaluations. Here are our top suggestions for the best extra security for veterans.

The 8 Best Life Insurance Companies for Veterans in 2023

  • The Best Overall: New York Life
  • MassMutual is the best option for financial stability.
  • Best for Customer Satisfaction: Northwestern Mutual
  • Best for Living Advantages: Prudential
  • USAA is the best option for active military personnel.
  • Veteran with Disabilities: VA Service-Disabled Veterans’ Insurance (S-DVI)

Most organizations below are recorded by the VA as taking part organizations, meaning you can change over your current SGLI, VGLI, or Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI) inclusion to a singular disaster protection item without going through a test or addressing wellbeing questions.

Overall winner: New York Life

  • No
  • Why did we pick it?

New York Life offers remarkable monetary solidity, gets very few client grievances, delivers profits, and allows you to switch your SGLI or VGLI inclusion over completely to one of its singular disaster protection items.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Accessible death benefits that have been specified
  • There were few client objections.
  • Most noteworthy is monetary solidity.
  • Qualified policyholders might get profits.


  • No internet-based statements are accessible.
  • Strategy data is challenging to track down on the web.


New York Life offers a powerful determination of strategy types, the capacity to switch your SGLI or VGLI strategy over completely to one of its products, and delivers profits to qualified policyholders. 

Additionally, it got an A++ monetary strength rating from AM Best (the most notable rating accessible) and has a phenomenal history with regard to client grievances, as indicated by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). 

Due to these remarkable qualities, New York Life is our best option for extra security for veterans as well as our top pick for the best overall disaster protection organization.

New York Life has been doing business since around 1845 and offers a scope of strategy types and riders, including living advantage riders for persistent or terminal sicknesses, accessible at no additional expense. 

To get a statement from New York Life and apply for inclusion, you’ll have to contact a specialist. You can not get a statement or apply for inclusion on the web.

MassMutual is the best option for financial stability.

  • No
  • Why did we pick it?

MassMutual flaunts an A++ for monetary strength, got a few client protests, and did well in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study. It additionally offers profits. 

You can change your SGLI, VGLI, or FSGLI inclusion to one of its entire life items.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Qualified policyholders might get profits.
  • Admittance to live advantages riders.
  • Not many objections.
  • Most noteworthy is the monetary strength rating.


  • It doesn’t permit online Mastercard installments.


MassMutual matches strong financials with fulfilled clients. It got an A++ monetary strength rating from AM Best and had few client grievances throughout recent years, as per the NAIC. Plus, it scored better than expected in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study.

The organization has been doing business since around 1851 and offers a wide choice of disaster protection, including term, entire life, general life (UL), and variable life strategies. 

It also delivers profits to qualified policyholders and furnishes admittance to living advantages with riders.

MassMutual doesn’t offer military program statements on the web, but you can find support from a monetary counselor in regards to the change of SGLI, VGLI, or FSGLI. MassMutual offers term statements on the web.

Best for customer satisfaction- Northwestern Mutual

  • No
  • Why did we pick it?

Northwestern Mutual scored very well in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study. It’s the biggest life backup plan in the nation and has got practically no bad things to say throughout the course of recent years.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • position high in consumer loyalty.
  • The most elevated monetary strength rating
  • Not many clients protest.


  • The site requires strategy data.


Northwestern Mutual was positioned third for consumer loyalty per J.D. Power, higher than some other life backup plans in this list. 

It also got an A++ from AM Best, which is the company’s highest rating for financial strength, and is the largest extra security company in the country.) 

Over the past three years, the organization has gotten a very low number of grievances, particularly given its size. Notably, the organization has been delivering profits to qualified policyholders for over 150 years.

Northwestern Mutual is one of 11 backup plans recorded by the VA that allows you to change your SGLI, VGLI, or FSGLI inclusion to one of its items without requiring a clinical test or asking well-being inquiries. 

The organization offers term, entire life, all-inclusive life, and variable widespread disaster protection strategies.

Northwestern Mutual likewise offers a few riders, including living advantages for terminal and persistent diseases, and a surefire insurability rider. In any case, the organization doesn’t give many insights regarding its approaches or riders on its site.

You’ll have to address a monetary expert to change your tactical inclusion or get a statement.


  • No
  • Why did we pick it?

Prudential is an extraordinary decision for veterans, inspired by everyday routine protection with experienced benefits. 

Prudential’s Living Needs Benefit rider is for nothing on most strategies, and we should you get a piece of the passing advantage on the off chance that you’re determined to have a terminal disease, are bound to a nursing home, or require an organ transplant.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • There are few client protests.
  • Living advantage riders:
  • Predominant monetary strength


  • More regrettable than ordinary customer loyalty
  • Expensive term inclusion


Prudential was laid out in 1875 and has an AM Best monetary dependability rating of A+. The organization gets fewer protests than anticipated, as per the NAIC, which doesn’t work out quite as well as the previously mentioned organizations on this list. 

We picked Prudential as the best for residing benefits on the grounds that most strategies incorporate its Living Needs Benefit rider for nothing, which allows you to get to the demise benefit assuming you’re determined to have a terminal disease, are bound to a nursing home, or require an organ transplant.

Prudential offers a scope of strategies, including general life, recorded widespread life, variable life, and term, as well as discretionary riders, for example, an incidental demise benefit rider and a waiver of premium for inability. 

Be that as it may, the organization didn’t do well in the 2021 J.D. Power U.S. Individual Life Insurance Study—it positioned fifteenth out of 21 companies. It’s term arrangements are somewhat costly.

You can get a non-military personnel Prudential statement online for term inclusion or reach out to one of their representatives to get the best rates for SGLI or VGLI transformation choices.


  • It acknowledges credit cards: Yes
  • Why did we pick it?

USAA provides strong benefits to active military personnel, boasts the highest financial strength rating that AM Best provides, and receives very few client complaints.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Most noteworthy is the monetary strength rating.
  • Hardly any clients’ grievances
  • Free choice of insurability.
  • Benefits for wounds during deployment are ready.
  • Whenever change


  • It doesn’t offer SGLI, VGLI, or FSGLI change.
  • Barely any arrangement types are accessible.


USAA is a notable name in military protection, established in 1922 by a group of armed force officials who pooled together to guarantee their own cars. 

USAA has an AM Best appraisal of A++, the most elevated accessible, and a great history of not having very many grumblings with the NAIC. 

Dynamic military families will see the value in the novel advantages USAA offers. The organization gives $25,000 to specific wounds supported in the line of obligation as well as ensured insurability at no expense on Level Term V. 

This advantage allows you to increase inclusion in specific life-altering situations, like marriage or having a child, without taking a clinical test or answering well-being questions.

The organization likewise offers a “whenever transformation” rider which allows you to change over your USAA expression inclusion to an extremely durable strategy for the rest of the level term time frame. 

Nonetheless, you can’t change from your current SGLI, VGLI, or FSGLI strategy to a USAA strategy. What’s more, you won’t find numerous approach choices accessible either — USAA just offers terms and improves on entire life strategies straightforwardly.

While USAA offers statements on the web, your tactical data, other capabilities, or enrollment are required.

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI) is best for disabled veterans.

Why did we pick it?

Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance is an incredible choice for extra security for incapacitated veterans. Assuming you meet specific prerequisites, you might have the option to get up to $10,000 in life coverage inclusion and $30,000 in supplemental inclusion.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Really great for impaired veterans.
  • A few veterans might be qualified with the expectation of complimentary inclusion.


  • Lowest to highest inclusion limit
  • Prerequisites for severe capability
  • Expenses increment at regular intervals.


Getting disaster protection for impaired veterans can be precarious. Despite the fact that a few strategies don’t need clinical tests and have rearranged guarantees, there are as yet no clinical surveys, and you might be denied inclusion for specific inabilities, including PTSD. 

For individuals who experience difficulty getting inclusion somewhere else, the VA offers protection for impaired veterans. This can assist in guaranteeing you get extra security inclusion in any event when other disaster protection organizations deny inclusion.

Now and again, completely crippled veterans might be qualified with the expectation of complimentary inclusion and can buy extra inclusion through the program. 

The program presents up to $10,000 of inclusion and the likelihood to increase inclusion by up to $30,000 on the off chance that you become completely incapacitated and can’t work.

To be eligible, you must apply within a long time of the date the VA issues your new help associated with a handicap.

There are no internet-based statements, yet they offer a handout with premium and plan choices with rates per $1,000 of inclusion. You can apply for strategies online through your VA online record.

Last Verdict

Extra security for veterans can be muddled by different elements, including administration-related ailments or handicaps. 

Nonetheless, there are a few distinct guarantors that offer extra security strategies that are reasonable for veterans, whether they center solely around the administration of their relatives or offer all-over benefits. 

Also, most of the companies on this list let you change your SGLI, FSGLI, or VGLI to a single policy with that company without having to take a medical exam or answer health questions.

New York Life is our top choice for life coverage for veterans. New York Life offers reasonable, adaptable life coverage approaches for veterans as long as they are 90 years old. 

The organization has a rating of A++ from AM Best and has high consumer loyalty ratings. They also offer veterans the capacity to change between SGLI and VGLI plans.

What is disaster protection for veterans?

Disaster protection pays out as a demise benefit to your beneficiary if you die, and long-haul strategies can also be used as a venture or investment fund instrument. As you get older, disaster protection rates rise., and they shift contingent upon your wellbeing and different models. 

When you leave the military, you might have ailments or handicaps because of your time in assistance or wounds procured in battle. These circumstances can make it difficult to find great extra security at a decent cost.

Luckily, as a veteran, you have numerous options for extra security:

  • Proceed with your arrangement with the VA.
  • Track down confidential protection.
  • Supplement your VA group protection with private protection.
  • Convert your arrangement with private life safety net providers who take part in change programs.

How does VGLI contrast with regular citizens’ or confidential life coverage?

Both are ways of broadening your SGLI extra security benefits, yet VGLI protection rates will increase as you age.

 On the off chance that you convert to a super durable disaster protection strategy with a confidential extra security organization, you can secure a long-lasting rate that will be higher at first but won’t increment as you age. 

What Life Insurance Does the VA Offer?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers a few disaster protection plans to cover dynamic servicemembers and their families, handicapped veterans, and veterans:

Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (SGLI): For dynamic assistance individuals, no wellness necessities to get inclusion. 

The cost depends on the inclusion sum; for example, inclusion is $25 every month for a $400,000 demise benefit.

When you finish administration, you can switch from an SGLI strategy to a VGLI strategy. This is an inexhaustible long-term strategy; expenses increment like clockwork at reestablishment.

Family Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance (FSGLI): This is extra security given to companions of well-trained assistance individuals. This inclusion can be changed completely to a strategy with a confidential transporter in the span of 120 days of partition.

For those who have received a VA administration-related rating in the previous two years and are otherwise in good health.

Veteran’s Mortgage Life Insurance: This option is available to veterans with a Specifically Adapted Housing award who are severely disabled and have a life insurance policy on their mortgage.

What Are the Generally Anticipated Costs of Life Insurance for Veterans?

The expense of veterans’ extra security will depend enormously upon the kind of approach you pick, your age, and your wellbeing (in the event that you don’t change over your current arrangement). 

For instance, term life with level expenses might cost you a similar sum for as long as 30 years. While an inexhaustible term strategy, one that recharges at regular intervals like VGLI, will get going at one rate, however, at that point, it will increment like clockwork.

What Is the Time Limit to Convert SGLI Coverage to an Individual Policy?

Change is the most common way of changing your SGLI inclusion to a confidential backup plan without taking a clinical test or answering wellbeing questions. (On the other hand, you can change to a VGLI plan.) In order to profit from the transformation, you should do as such within unambiguous timetables.

You have 120 days after your date of partition to change your SGLI over completely to a confidential arrangement without a clinical test or wellbeing questions. 

The partaking private guarantor might ask you to respond to wellness inquiries to get a superior rate, but the VA expresses that you are not obliged to address those wellness questions.

You can switch a VGLI over completely to a singular strategy whenever you like.

How We Chose the Best Life Insurance Companies for Veterans

To find the best extra security organizations for veterans, we investigated multiple dozen disaster protection organizations for notoriety, item choice, endorsing strategies, and cost, including those referred to by the VA as choices for change over SGLI inclusion, alongside other non-benefit and part-bundle plans. 

We investigated evaluating consumer loyalty, grievances, and inclusion choices to concoct our outline of the best life coverage organizations for veterans.

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