The Uber application for Apple Watch no Longer Allows Users to Call a Taxi

The Uber application for Apple Watch no Longer Allows Users to Call a Taxi

You will no longer be able to use your Apple Watch to contact Uber to request a ride. The well-liked application has been removed from the Apple App Store. There was no explanation provided for the decision.

The taxi service aggregator that is situated in San Francisco is the most recent company to abandon the Apple Watch. The business has discreetly discontinued its app and will no longer provide support for it as we advance. Those who have watches that run Android are not in a significantly better position. Approximately two years ago, Uber discontinued support for its WearOS app.

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It is interesting to note that the preview page of the Uber app can still be found on the App Store; however, clicking on the real download link will not enable you to install the software. The following can be found on the Uber Help page the firm maintains.

Our company no longer supports the Apple Watch app. Requests for rides should be made through the Uber mobile app. We sincerely apologize for any trouble this may cause.

Using the Uber app on your smartphone makes it very simple to call for a taxi. However, the application for the Apple Watch made this process even faster; it is a nice and convenient extension of the application for the smartphone. It was necessary for customers to only launch the app on the watch and select the Request a Ride option.

The Apple Watch utilizes the cellular connection of the driver’s smartphone to retrieve information about the driver’s vehicle, such as the estimated time of arrival and the vehicle’s current location on a map. When it comes time to pay for the ride, Uber will use the default payment method that you’ve set up in the app. Those who owned an Apple Watch equipped with cellular connectivity did not even require their accompanying smartphone.

Uber has not explained the decision to pull the app from the market. It’s possible that not many individuals were utilizing the software since they preferred to work on their iPhones or Androids instead. However, even if you used the conventional smartphone app, which had more features, the Apple Watch app was still convenient. You could, for instance, check how soon the car would arrive without having to take out your phone, or you could check the projected time of arrival of the ride while you are in the cab on your wrist.

Additionally, after an app has been developed, the upkeep of the app should not require an excessive amount of effort. Therefore, in light of this, the decision to put an end to it rather than simply letting it continue to exist in its current form seems strange. It’s possible that Uber is making modifications to the backend, which would require a complete rewrite of the app’s software; therefore, the company chose not to commit any resources. Or perhaps there was a problem with the app. There have been complaints of people experiencing issues while attempting to utilize the Apple Watch software.

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People were quite excited about fully equipped smartwatches that could perform significantly more than a gadget similar to a Fitbit. A small computer that you may wear on your wrist! This was considered to be the way of the future. A simple fitness tracker is no match for this superior device.

However, here we are in the year 2022, and it seems that is not exactly the case. The majority of Apple Watch users primarily employ the device for tracking their fitness and health while only sometimes making use of its other capabilities. You won’t believe this, but there is a finite amount of time a person can keep their arm raised before it starts to grow fatigued.

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