The UMIDIGI UFit Watch can Monitor Blood Oxygen Levels and Your Heart Rate for About $30

The newest iteration of UMIDIGI’s smartwatch was unveiled earlier today. PulseOx, heart rate, and other features are included in the UMIDIGI UFit, which can be purchased for for $29.99.

The Chinese maker has released other smartwatches in the past, but this one has the most advanced features to date. The company, which has its headquarters in Shenzen city, has been operational since 2012, which is considered to be a decent amount of time in the industry of smartwatch manufacturers. However, smartphones are the company’s area of expertise. UMIDIGI has distributed 55 of them up until this point.

The cost of this brand-new smartwatch is easily the most intriguing aspect of the device. For just $29.99, you get a sensor-packed gadget. The watch is currently available for pre-sale on AliExpress, and wider retail availability is anticipated to begin on March 27. The price of the watch at the retailer is now $59.98. However, it is anticipated that this may decrease throughout the day. This is a deal that will only be good for a few days or until stocks run out, whichever comes first.

What Exactly Do You Get for Your Thirty Dollars?

The 5 ATMs rated gadget (water-resistance upto to 50 meters depth) includes also the standard tracking of steps, activity (9 sports modes), and sleep, in addition to tracking heart rate 24/7 and blood oxygen (SpO2) tracking. The device is rated at 5 ATM. The last feature is the most interesting because it is something that not even the Apple Watch has right now.

Garmin is the most well-known large brand name in this field, and several of the company’s products include an SpO2 monitor. The functionality was not available until recently, thanks to Fitbit. Although having a low blood oxygen concentration is one of the indications of the coronavirus, you won’t be able to identify the ailment with any of these watches because none of them do that.

Any way you look at it, it will be hard to find a product on the market that has these sensors and costs so little. The UMIDIGI UFit is visually identical to the Apple Watch in terms of its design. In recent times, we’ve seen a lot of these watches, like the Oppo Watch and the Xiaomi Mi Watch, amongst others.

The housing is constructed out of 316 stainless steel and features a protective glass that is curved at a 2.5D angle. The capacitive touchscreen, which displays full color, measures 1.3 inches.

The specialized software developed by the corporation has resulted in an exceptionally long battery life. The watch will continue to function for approximately 10 days even if it is used normally every day and the heart rate tracking feature is turned on. This can be extended to a month, but performance will suffer significantly.

It is challenging to recommend the UMIDIGI UFit based just on its specifications. Customer reviews from real-world use will shed light on the watch’s genuine performance capabilities. But it’s good news that more and more companies are making health and wellness tracking devices and bringing down their prices so that more people can buy them.

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