The usage of catapult technology has been given the go-ahead by FIFA for use in games

Catapult Sports made the announcement that its tracking gadgets have been given the go-ahead by FIFA in anticipation of the World Cup that will take place this summer. They will now be marked with the IMS symbol that is used by the football association to indicate that they are eligible for use in official matches. This kind of technology was only authorized to be used in training up until recently.

The Catapult line of products contains a variety of distinct models to choose from. This includes the OptimEye X4, G5, and S5, as well as devices made by HPU and PlayerTek. Wearables like these help improve performance, lower the risk of injury, and measure how to get back into the game.

According to the corporation, a variety of demanding tests were carried out on the equipment in order to ensure that it satisfies FIFA’s stringent requirements with regard to safety, performance, durability, and quality and comfort. These experiments were carried out by SportsLabs. In addition to this, catapult devices were required to go through the certification process with the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).

More than 1,500 football teams from 142 different nations use technology developed by Catapult to give performance statistics. Egypt is the most recent country to be added to this list. Catapult has delivered about 25 ‘PlayerTek’ units to the National Football Association in accordance with the terms of the arrangement. It is hoped that the technology will help the team get in better shape and do better overall as they prepare for Egypt’s campaign in Russia.

And just this past week, Catapult introduced PLAYR, a wearable that helps non-professional football players improve their ability to prepare, play, and recuperate like professionals. On the field, the GPS pod is fastened to the player’s vest in order to track movement and evaluate their physical performance. It gives the player a number of statistics and shows how his or her performance compares to that of professionals.

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