Therapeutic Fasting: What Is It And What Benefits Does It Provide?

The therapeutic fasting is a popular practice in the population. It is frequently used in naturopathic medicine treatments to treat overweight and obesity problems, but do we really know what it is and what are the benefits it can bring us? Find out in this article..

What is therapeutic fasting?

Fasting is to provoke in the organism, in a voluntary way, a series of reactions by means of which the contribution of solid food is suppressed, which makes it live at the cost of its own calorie reserves. The therapeutic fasting is a health regimen, which recommended by health professionals can take to prevent and treat some diseases or eating disorders.

The objective is not to starve, since when we do not eat, our body is forced to use the available reserves that it has stored. The theory says that, if we carry out this practice, our body will learn to be self-sufficient and regulate itself.

After knowing what this concept is about, it should be clarified that it is not recommended for any type of person . Therapeutic fasting is not recommended for people under the age of eighteen, diabetics, pregnant or nursing women, or people with severe gastrointestinal problems.

This type of fast must be guided by a team of nutritionists and health professionals who accompany the patient in this purification process since each of us must follow different guidelines.

Benefits that therapeutic fasting can bring us

Its benefits include:

1. On the one hand, fasting favors digestive rest . This digestive rest is the natural way by which our body eliminates excesses. During this time our body carries out metabolic and regeneration processes.

2. It helps us eliminate waste in a faster way. Our colon is thoroughly cleaned since we avoid ingesting toxic or inflammatory substances associated with our daily diet.

3. Helps to activate ketogenesis. With this, we begin to reduce blood sugar levels, so our body begins to degrade the tissue to feed on its own reserves. This process will also help us avoid high glycemic peaks that can lead us to suffer weakness and fatigue in our day to day.

4. Therapeutic fasting also helps in the autophagy activation process . In this process, our body recycles its own components, eliminating those that are left over or that cannot be absorbed.

5. There is a decrease in diseases associated with cellular aging , it reduces the oxidation of the organism and improves the digestive organs.

6. Increases our vitality. Therapeutic fasting helps to improve the mood and, above all, helps to balance our emotional state. Poorly managed emotions act as toxins in our body, which can lead us to suffer from some muscle ailments.

After knowing in depth what this term refers to, we must be cautious. Before carrying out any type of fasting or nutritional practice, we must know our body in depth and go to a specialist in the sector to guide and help us during the process.

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