There Are Five Important Elements of Running Headphones that are Frequently Ignored

You really must have a high-quality set of headphones if you are going to be a runner, regardless of whether you run indoors or outside. There is a large body of information out there that demonstrates how incorporating tunes with your exercise may significantly increase the effectiveness of your run. In addition, if you have a smartwatch that comes equipped with internal memory for audio and GPS, you won’t even need your phone when you go for a run. That kind of physical activity is enjoyed by a lot of people.

Before making a purchase of headphones, there are a few other considerations to take into account, in addition to comfort, style, and cost, all of which are essential factors. Here is a list of the top five things that are often overlooked, even though they are important.

1. Battery Capacity

Because you won’t have to think about the cable becoming wrapped up, having a pair of wireless headphones can not only give you a significant amount of comfort but also make it easier for you to concentrate on your run. The duration of the battery life is an important factor that is taken into consideration by a great number of runners. If you forget to charge your headphones before going for a run, you can find yourself in a situation where you are prepared to start your run but are unable to listen to the music since your headset has died or you are almost out of battery.

Not to mention, having to continually worry about whether or not your headphones need to be charged may soon become an annoyance to deal with. The finest Bluetooth headphones will have a battery life of at least 8 hours and will only need to be charged once every few days. The battery capacity of the best Bluetooth headphones will be at least 8 hours. It is important to be attentive to the specifications, particularly the battery life.

2. It is Simple to Clean

For all you neat freaks out there, keeping your headphones in pristine condition is an absolute must. Even though many people choose to disinfect their hands with an antibacterial wipe or towel, others choose to just wash their hands. While some waterproof headphones do provide a full rinse for cleaning, others do not support this feature. Whether you continually run, start to sweat, or just like things to be neat and clean, having a set of clothing that is waterproof is useful.

3. Buttons that Are Simple to Reach

When you have the music on your phone set to shuffle, it is certain that a track will start playing that you are not in the mood to listen to, and you will have to skip it. You don’t want to be forced to pause your workout in order to remove your phone from your pocket, skip a song, or make any other necessary adjustments.

If the headphones are wireless, the controls will be incorporated into the headphones themselves; if the headphones are tethered, the controls will be integrated into the cord. The best headset for sprinters will contain these controls. Because of how simple it is to get there, you should be able to keep your mind on your workout.

4. The Reliability of the Connection to the Bluetooth Device

Your headphones’ inability to maintain a stable Bluetooth connection with your phone is, at best, quite frustrating. People are dissuaded from purchasing headphones because it can be a chore to get them to connect and synchronize quickly. This is because the headphones are either too slow to hook up or, even worse, they struggle to sustain the connection.

The encouraging news is that improvements are being made to headphones that use Bluetooth technology. If you care a lot about having wireless headphones, you should read reviews of the brands you are considering so you can find a set that works well and quickly.

5. However, it is Not “Fully” Waterproof

There are a few manufacturers of headphones that market their products as being waterproof. However, this has not always been the case. Many times, the headphones will indicate that they are waterproof; nevertheless, they will not be properly waterproofed in the button controls and/or mic, causing them to break if they are exposed to moisture, water, or even perspiration. This is despite the fact that the headphones will say that they are waterproof.

Despite the fact that there is no such thing as a wearable that is completely impervious to water, reports that there are various levels of waterproofing. The breakdown consists of the following, as shown:

  • IPX0 -no protection
  • IPX1 - protection from condensation
  • IPX2 - protection from vertically dripping water
  • IPX3 - protection from direct sprayed water
  • IPX4 - protection from splashed water
  • IPX5 - protection from the strong streams of water
  • IPX6 - protection from the temporary flow of water
  • IPX7 - protection from immersion in water up to 3 ft (1 m)
  • IPX8 - protection from longer periods of immersion

If you are thinking about buying a new pair of headphones, you should be sure to pay attention to all of the features and what they mean before making your purchase. This way, you won’t be surprised or disappointed if a feature doesn’t do what you thought it would.

Have you recently acquired a set of headphones just to find out that they were not everything you expected them to be? Share with us what you’ve learned from your experience!

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