There has been yet another instance of a smartwatch catching fire, causing third-degree burns

It has been reported that a child in China who was four years old received burns of the third degree when the smartwatch that she was wearing burst. After the terrible event, it was reported by AsiaWire that she needed a skin transplant to recover from her injuries.

This took place not too long ago in Quanzhou, which is a sizable city in the province of Fujian in the southeastern part of China. The healing process was sped up and the patient’s risk of infection was reduced thanks to the intervention of the medical staff. For the time being, Yiyi is continuing to be monitored in the hospital for further monitoring after the skin transplant treatment that was performed on her hand.

When the watch went off and started burning, the child, who was just four years old at the time, was playing with her grandmother, who was watching over her. A resounding boom could be heard, immediately followed by Yiyi’s piercing shrieks of agony. The occurrence was seen at her residence. After discovering that Yiyi’s hand had been burned, Yiyi’s grandmother cooled the burnt area by running cold water over it before bringing her granddaughter to the hospital.

The conversation over compensation between Yiyi’s father, Mr Huang, and the maker of the wristwatch is now ongoing. There was no mention of the watch that the little girl was sporting. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that this is a regional brand that is absent from the marketplaces of other countries.

It is difficult to determine the brand of the watch based on the picture alone (shown above). On the other hand, it seems to be something that might be useful for youngsters.

This is not the first time that an explosion has been reported from a wearable device.

If there weren’t more cases that were very much like this one, one may have some doubts about whether or not the tale is accurate. For instance, there was a report of a child’s watch catching fire in China in the year 2018, and the watch was made in China. When it went off, the gadget caused a sharp increase in temperature and burned the wrist of one of the other girls.

At the beginning of this year, we published an article in which we discussed a Reddit user in Italy who had shared pictures of his severely damaged Xiaomi Mi Band 5. As far as we can tell, it blew up when it was resting on the charger. This is a picture of what was eventually left behind.

It was a good thing that the watch was not on his wrist when this incident occurred. The use of low-cost chargers manufactured by other parties may present a number of challenges, but the Italian said that he was operating with authentic Mi Band 5 hardware. And it was a brand new piece of equipment. After having it for just about a month, he decided to return it to Amazon in order to get a complete refund.

In the year 2019, it was reported that a guy had suffered burns of the third degree as a result of using a Fitbit. It wasn’t until the middle of the night that it began smoking while it was on his wrist. On Facebook, the image of the broken Fitbit was shared more than four thousand times in total. The subsequent inquiry into the incident is unknown to us at this time.

However, Fitbit did note that the issue, if there was one, was a singular instance of the problem. The safety of technological equipment is ensured by means of exhaustive testing.

Fitbit says on its website that its devices are developed and manufactured in compliance with stringent standards, and they are subjected to intensive testing both internally and externally to assure the safety of our customers.

The fact of the matter is that any electrical gadget may detonate under the correct circumstances. It is possible that this is the result of excessive heat, faulty internals, or some other kind of damage. The good news is that reports of incidents of this kind occurring with smartwatches and fitness trackers are relatively uncommon.

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