There is a possibility that the ECG app for Apple Watch could soon be available in European countries

It appears that Europeans will soon have another reason to purchase the Apple Watch Series 4 in the not-too-distant future.New documentation added to the Health app gives the impression that electrocardiogram (ECG) capability is on its way to the United Kingdom and possibly other European countries.

Only users in the United States have had access to the ECG capability up until this point. This pertains to the regulation of anything. Before the product was released, Apple received the go-ahead for the feature from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but not from regulatory agencies in other countries.

Some people had assumed that because the limitation is software-based, all that would be required to make the ECG work internationally would be to change the region setting on the phone. But if you put this tip to the test on your own, you’ll discover that it doesn’t provide the desired results.

This might, however, shift in the near future. An indication within the iOS 12.2 update, which was discovered by MacRumours, shows that Apple may be preparing to offer the ECG capability in countries other than the US.

After updating to the most recent version of the operating system, it would appear that some Series 4 owners in the United Kingdom have experienced ECG setup windows within the iPhone Health app. However, in order to install the app, you will require watchOS version 5.2, which is not currently available for public use.

This is further supported by the documentation that can be found in the About menu of the Health app. It states that “The ECG app is accessible on Apple Watch Series 4 with watchOS 5.2 paired with iPhone 5s or iOS 12.2 or later” for regions that are not the United States of America.

In conclusion, the electrocardiogram (ECG) function in iOS 12.2 has been updated to include a new CE certification logo. When a product is sold within the European Economic Area, it must bear a CE mark to demonstrate that it complies with applicable health, safety, and environmental protection regulations.

Apple has not provided any information regarding when watchOS 5.2 will be made available. However, considering that iOS 12.2 is now available to the public, the release can’t be that far off.

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