Third-generation exercise watch from Atlas Wearables is back


The Multi-Trainer 3 was unveiled by Atlas Wearables today. Its set and rep monitoring fitness watch is currently in its most recent version.

The third-generation exercise watch from The Atlas is back.

On Indiegogo, the company first introduced and distributed the Atlas Wristband about five years ago. Your reps and sets in the gym are tracked by this activity monitor. It can distinguish between pushups and triangle push ups, alternating bicep curls, and squats and deadlifts.

A second generation variant that was improved soon after. Around 100 of the most common exercises may be automatically detected and counted by this one, and you can even teach it new exercises.

The group has returned with Multi-Trainer 3. According to Atlas, the device is the culmination of learning from tens of millions of exercises that have been logged over the course of a half-decade, channeled into a single, holistically designed product release.

According to Peter Li, CEO of Atlas, “Since the beginning of Atlas, we’ve built products that bring exercise to the 21st century.”

And now, with Multi-Trainer 3, a remarkable fitness tool made from sweat, blood, and data that is driven by Atlas Body Sensing and compatible with more than 1,000 activities, we have completely redesigned the workout watch.

The third-generation exercise watch from The Atlas is back.

Soon, you will be able to keep track of every detail of your workout. Over 1,000 exercises from more than 100 sports modes are compatible with Multi-Trainer 3’s Body Sensing technology. That is a tenfold increase over the previous figure!

This cutting-edge machine learning technology is condensed into a slim (31 grammes), high-quality gadget. Asahi glass, stainless steel buttons, and extremely durable fiber-reinforced plastics are all used in the construction of each timepiece.

An always-on, sunlight-visible display is included with Multi-Trainer 3. The watch will also monitor your daily activity, sleep, heart rate, and heart rate variability in addition to your reps and sets. Additionally, there are some intelligent functions, including notifications from your phone.

Through a private soft launch, Atlas Multi-Trainer 3 is currently accessible to a select group of users. Apply via this link. In time for Christmas 2019, general public accessibility is anticipated.


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