This is how Samsung will activate the FM radio on your smartphone

Yesterday we anticipated the news that Samsung will enable FM radio in its next smartphones . A very important novelty, considering that there are still many users who appreciate having this possibility on your phone .

Until now, the company had decided to dispense with this service and block it, in favor of streaming applications . It should be remembered that all smartphones incorporate FM radio chip , but not all manufacturers have it activated, as is the case with Samsung.

Luckily for the mentioned users, Samsung has already made the decision though. But how will you activate the radio? Let’s see it.

This is how Samsung will activate the FM radio of its smartphones

As [Europa Press collects, the South Korean firm will use the NextRadio application , which will be responsible for managing the software necessary for the terminal’s FM radio to work. Samsung already has the support ready, so the new Samsung Galaxy S9 that will be presented in February, among others, will already have the radio activated.

Thanks to NextRadio, users can listen to the FM radio at no cost , as is already the case with phones that do have it activated, such as Motorola, LG or Alcatel.

Apart from a great incentive for many users, having FM radio activated is always positive in emergency situations , because through it, users can continue to receive vital information even when other communication systems, such as the Internet, do not work . This is explained by Paul Brenner, president of TagStation, owner of NextRadio:

Samsung should be commended for taking this important step. They provide their customers with a more attractive and immersive radio experience and, more importantly, a means to connect with life-saving information in emergency situations.

Thus, we are facing ** a very important change within Samsung’s policy **. Of course, at least for now, the FM radio of the next Samsung Galaxy will only be activated on phones sold in the United States and Canada.

  • Mike T

    Too bad that with recen software update that NextRadio no longer functions on my Galaxy S10. FCC should require all mobile devices to support FM broadcast service.

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