This is How You May Access the Drum Sequencer on Google's Wear OS Easter Egg

A tiny drum machine is tucked away somewhere in Wear OS as Google’s answer to the traditional Easter egg hunt. This is how you can get access to it.

A number of users on Reddit have discovered an Easter egg that was concealed within the Wear SO backlight software. You will get access to a fun drum sequencer if you press the appropriate combination of keys at the same time. No one is entirely sure how long this information has been concealed in the code. However, some people have speculated that it may have been there for several years at this point.

The following is a rundown of the procedures required to gain access to the drum sequencer if you are interested in giving it a go on your own.

  • You will, of course, require a Wear OS watch that is equipped with a speaker and audio playback.
  • Navigate to the application known as the “Torch option,” which is also known as the flashlight app. This is accomplished using the app’s menu.
  • It is recommended that the Torch be turned off. Do not change it in any way.
  • Double-touch the display’s centre area twice in rapid succession, and then hold down the second tap in the sequence. This is when things become complicated.
  • If everything was done properly, you should see some colours whirling and flashing before your eyes. Maintain constant pressure with your fingertip against the display until
  • You are looking at the drum sequencer here.

That is the extent of the matter. Users have stated that it’s a bit of a difficulty to get it to function, so it might take a couple of attempts until you get it perfect. Users have reported that it’s a little of a struggle to get it to operate.

Your very own drum machine is made out of a grid of circles that is four by four in size. The beat serves as the foundation for the entire drum pattern. Nevertheless, you are able to personalize your own rhythms by using the grid. There are several cool options available for you to experiment with. The circle in blue represents a kick drum, the circle in purple a bell, the circle in red an open hi-hat, and the circle in teal a snare drum. You won’t likely come up with a song that will top the charts, but doing so will provide a few minutes of enjoyable distraction.

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