This watch doesn't have a bezel, and it's a design that we'd love to have on our wrists

It’s essential to get this out of the way right away: the watch in question is not a real-life version of a smartwatch. Instead, it is an innovative notion that caught our attention due to the product’s appealing aesthetics and straightforward design. This was the primary factor in our interest in the concept.

The casing of a smartwatch can take either a circular or square form; however, the circular and square forms are the ones most frequently seen. Both have received some relatively minor updates, such as the new Huawei Fit device, which has an elongated and square body. Other changes have also been made. But let’s be honest: most of these electrical devices look somewhat similar to one another. This is especially true for the larger ones.

In addition, in contrast to some of the other concepts that we have covered, there is no reason why this one can’t be turned into an actual product; this is not one of those ideas. Furthermore, there is no reason why this one can’t be made into an actual product. To put it another way, this is precisely the reason why we found ourselves fixated on the concept.

The designer’s name is Jeong Kim, and Weekend Works is the company where they are employed. He sees an elegant clock with a spherical case, but it would be utterly different from anything else you have ever seen before.

The time spent getting our wrists closer to the rest of our bodies should be kept to a minimum to accomplish this task successfully. It is possible to tilt the gadget in several different orientations, making reading much simpler. The design does not include a bezel, which helps contribute to the product’s streamlined appearance.

Because the device is shaped like a funnel, the user cannot see the portion of the device that corresponds to the device’s body. They are just familiar with the watch’s face at this point. It should be noted that this does not in any way reduce the amount of space available on the interior for the sensors and the batteries; instead, it just makes the shell-less appealing to the user.

The strap is yet another one of the idea’s original components that were included in it. In contrast to the vast majority of watches available on the market right now, which have straps that are independently secured to each side of a case, the Circle Watch has a lock on the back of the frame that enables the strap to be removed. This makes it significantly more versatile than other watches. This will also be the contact point for charging the smartphone, according to the person who came up with the product idea.

In general, we have high hopes that the companies making wearables will pay attention to the current circumstances. It’s becoming boring for us to see knockoffs of the Apple Watch popping up everywhere, along with other spherical and straightforward electronic devices. It’s possible that using your imagination and making innovative changes will pay off in the end.

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