TicWatch Pro S from Mobvoi comes with greater storage and functionality

Which is better, the TicWatch Pro S or the TicWatch Pro 2020?

Aside from the naming convention, there have been some other changes. In comparison to the TicWatch Pro 2020, the new TicWatch has additional storage space and software updates. You now have 8GB of ROM instead of 4GB, giving you more room to download apps and listen to music while offline.

According to the press release, the other hardware update is water-proofing. However, looking at the specifications, there isn’t much of a difference. The TicWatch S and TicWatch Pro 2020 both have an IP68 water and dust resistance rating. Surprisingly, Mobvoi claims that the new smartphone is “pool-swimming compatible” on its website.

The TicWatch Pro S from Mobvoi has additional storage and functionality.

Mobvoi is the source of the image.

Other software upgrades attempt to improve fitness, sleep, and health tracking. TicWatch Pro S comes with TicExercise 3.0 and TicSleep 2.0 to help with this.

The first allows you to select from 13 different exercise modes. Other features are included: GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, a speed and cadence monitor, and other features. A new running lap counter, user interface changes, VO2 Max, and Heart Rate Range Indicator are also included.

The TicWatch Pro 3 vs. the TicWatch Pro S

The bad news is that the watch is powered by the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset, which is outdated. When compared to the TicWatch Pro 3, which includes the Snapdragon Wear 4100, which is two generations newer, The latter will have significantly higher performance and will be more likely to receive future software and operating system updates. The TicWatch Pro S should have gotten at least the 3100.

The Pro 3 also has some advantages. greater features: more memory, longer battery life, a blood oxygen sensor, and a better build, to name a few. When you consider that the price difference between the two is only about $40, the TicWatch Pro 3 is definitely the winner.

The TicWatch Pro S is now available for pre-order for $259.99 on the Mobvoi website in the United States and the United Kingdom. As previously noted, the TicWatch Pro S is a little more expensive on Amazon.

TicSleep 2.0 allows for more data and analytics than ever before. This includes weekly sleep reports and in-depth sleep analysis.

Finally, TicWatch Pro S adds a few new apps. TicBreathe for breathing exercises and TicHearing to detect excessive noise in the area. Previously, the pair was only accessible on the TicWatch Pro 3.

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