Update Madrid Metro | Bus | Cercanias, the best for public transport in Madrid

To all users of public transport in Madrid, we already told you in its day what this fantastic application could offer , both for those occasional users, and for those who have to take public transport to get around the hectic capital.

In CRG Soft we have already talked about those essential applications for the car , well, just as important or even more is to have applications that give us information about the different routes we can take or the schedules , as does Madrid Metro | Bus | Cercanías .

On this occasion we resume this application on the occasion of its last update . One of the keys of this type of applications is that they are simple and fast when using them . This application was, but perhaps in excess, some functions were missing. To alleviate this the new update brings us interesting news such as:

  • Fixed: In some versions of Android when the phone was restarted or the phone “fell asleep”, the expiry notifications of the Transportation Pass were lost. (Requires new WAKE_LOCK and BOOT_COMPLETED permissions)
  • Added LED and vibration to notifications of Transportation Pass Expiration (New VIBRATION permit required)
  • Increased text size in Bus Widgets
  • Added new Geographic Map of Cercanías
  • Added Green Zone Commuter Rates

As we see apart from news that enriches the application in terms of transport contents such as more rates or the geographical map nearby, other interesting changes have been added. Especially useful do I find notifications of expiration of transport pass .

In the must of this application it is necessary to put that surely it does not lack anything as far as information : it has maps, schedules, prices… However, it has to improve still in the consultation of waiting times , in the case of Cercanías it is very well implemented, but in the other two, bus and metro, it needs some improvements since information is sometimes lacking in these means of transport to calculate the times. In addition, it offers the possibility to check your stop number thanks to the implementation of Google Maps , it is a good idea but for now it does not work as well as we would like.

As I said whether you are a regular or sporadic user of public transport in Madrid I invite you to use this great application and if you already use it I encourage you to update it.

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