Use the Approach G80 from Garmin to compete in simulated rounds of golf

Garmin might have the solution for golfers who are cooped up indoors because of poor weather while they wait for conditions to improve. This past Monday, the company presented the Approach G80 to the public for the first time. This is a mobile device that not only measures complex information about your swing, but also lets you play in virtual tournaments.

The high-end GPS device includes a built-in launch monitor that can track and analyze your golf swing. You are able to put the G80 in close proximity to the ball by using the divot on the back of the casing. This enables the radar to function properly.

Just line up your shot and take it. It will compute metrics such as the speed of the club head, the speed of the ball, the smash factor, the swing tempo, and the anticipated distance. The information below is meant to help you become more consistent, hit the ball more effectively, and improve your swing.

Over 41,000 different golf courses have already been preloaded onto this gadget, along with all of the standard information regarding fairways, hazards, and greens. If you touch any point on the display, it will immediately reveal the exact distance to that location. PlaysLike Distance provides you with distances that have been modified for shots played either uphill or downhill. When users are faced with blind shots, the PinPointer acts as a compass to point them in the direction of the green.

For players who are unable to practice on the range, there are four different practice and game modes available to select from. One of these is called a “Virtual Round,” and it recreates the experience of playing golf on actual golf courses. You can play in tournaments against other people in the comfort of your own home by utilizing a golf net. You can compete against a friend, or you can just aim to beat your previous score.

Weekly online leaderboards give you an idea of where you stand in comparison to other G80 owners.

The Approach G80 features a touchscreen display that is 3.5 inches in size and is readable even in direct sunlight. Additionally, the device’s form is quite thin. When using the GPS continuously, the battery should last for up to 15 hours. is now stocking the Approach G80 for customers to purchase. There is a suggested retail price of $499.99 included with it.

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