VOIXATCH is a Watch with Cellular Connectivity that also Functions as a Bluetooth Headset

VOIXATCH is the world’s first wristwatch with cellular connectivity and an integrated Bluetooth headset. It is also the first smartwatch of its kind.

The concept was conceived by creator Jason Oh while he was nursing an injury sustained while practising Judo and searching for a more practical approach to maintaining his connection with the outside world. The device is perfect for when you want to go to the gym yet still be able to have a private conversation with someone without having to pull out your smartphone.

In this regard, the watch functions in the same manner as any other cellular wristwatch. The bezel is what sets this one apart from others in the group. It is possible to extract it and turn it into a 5.0 BT earpiece.

Simply re-insert it into the watch to start the charging process. Simply turn it counterclockwise and raise it away from the watch body to have the watch automatically answer any incoming calls. The absurdity of its straightforwardness. According to the manufacturer, the headpiece has a wing-shaped projection on the side that serves the purpose of preventing it from coming off.

Aside from that, it’s pretty normal fare all things considered. The resolution of the watch’s 1.3-inch AMOLED touch display is identical to that of the watch itself: 360 x 360. This is perfect for checking messages, monitoring fitness data, talking with Google Voice, and doing a lot more.

Under the hood, you’ll find an ARM cortex-A53 processor, together with 1 gigabyte (GB) of memory already installed and 8 GB of storage capacity. There is a heart rate and gyro sensor, as well as a GPS receiver, so you can track your fitness progress.

The watch has measurements of 49 by 49 and a depth of 15 millimetres, which gives it a rather substantial thickness. This is required in order to house the big 530 mAH battery that is capable of keeping everything running for 2 days in standby time and 3 hours in talk time.

There is only one case colour available, which is black, but the clock comes with four removable bezels in a variety of hues. In this way, you’ll be able to tailor the appearance to suit any event. A VOIXATCH will be delivered to your home in the summer of this year if you make a pledge of $179 and assume that the production process goes smoothly.

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