Watches Made From Trees

Wooden timepieces that are well-chosen can be both stylish and functional. Why not change it up if you’re a connoisseur? If you’re environmentally aware, this is unquestionably the best option.

FSC-certified timber, reclaimed lumber such as base metal, and respectfully industrialised leather are just a few of the aspects of what you’re going to learn that may be placed into a beautiful timepiece. Some companies grow trees for each timepiece they sell, while others provide food to hungry children.

Here are five excellent options.

Fritz Walnut Watch by Kerbholz

The Kerbholz will thrill you if you like the sleek appearance but want to see anything more unique.

The Fritz features a simple design with little advertising and no digits. The attention is designed to be on the texture of the walnut hardwood on the bezel as well as the vegetable-tanned cowhide strap!

The sapphire-coated crystal casing is 40mm in diameter and scratch-resistant and anti-reflective. The strap may be swapped out. If you want, you can use contrast to your advantage. Whatever route you choose, everything is created from environmentally friendly materials.

What’s even cooler is that you can pair the wristwatch with a set of timber shades that they also make.

Prunus Watch by OVi Watches 

This is unquestionably an outstanding quartz wristwatch from Latvia. Over the last two years, OVi has witnessed a boom in appeal, owing to the notion that they’re simply simple and offer excellent usability and dependability. Consumers remark on how tough this timepiece is, thanks in part to the sapphire coating on the display.

The casing is 42mm in diameter, and the faceplate is constructed of nut tree timber. The leather band is browned with vegetables once again.

It has a toggle clip and the numerals are engraved in a way that elevates them from the face, making it a bit unique in terms of design. This is different from traditional metal inlays.

Recycling is essential to OVi, just as it is to the Kerbholz. Every piece is crafted by hand, and a tree is grown for every piece that is bought. You may have outstanding style, accurate time management, and the satisfaction that comes with understanding you made the right decision.

The Oakwood Wood Watch by Lux Woods 

The Oakwood lives up to the Lux’s promise of ‘quality with a moral.’ Lux also plants a tree for every purchase but goes beyond the call of duty by feeding a child.

For a little fee, you may have the rear of your wristwatch inscribed, which is a terrific way to commemorate a special event.

It has a 45mm casing, so it’s a bit bulky. It features a wristband that is clearly distinct from a traditional link bracelet. The glassware is crystalline and the timber is Chanate. Overall, this is another sturdy alternative that is unlikely to be destroyed.

Kappa Watch by Wewood

With a 46mm casing, this is another big timepiece. The Wewood Kappa combines the standard linked strap and gives it a spin by being entirely constructed of wood.

It has a juxtaposition of different coloured timber that elegantly resembles vintage gold timepieces. It also has a 24-hour converter and can tell you the date. Some users have commented that the display is crowded and that the digits are not really simple to read, but if all you want to do is keep time, you won’t realise.

The Stainless Watch by Mam Originals 

Here’s the slim 40mm Mam if you liked the Kerbholz but needed far more simplicity. The Originals is built of only top-grade FSC approved ebony timber. The watch’s corrosion resistance is repurposed, and the leather is processed using the vegetable technique once more. The complete clock is environmentally friendly and healthy, not to add stunning.

To Conclude 

We might all be able to make a difference in the ecosystem if we worked together. When it concerns the timepiece on our hand, we all like to issue a message. Putting those two items together appears to be a no-brainer.

It won’t feel like you’re carrying a branch on your wrist if you wear a wooden watch. Everything has been honed to perfection. They’ve been made lighter, sleeker, and more attractive. They’re even hypoallergenic, meaning there’s very little likelihood of a negative reaction.

If you really wish to feel a connection to the environment even when you’re at work, they are fantastic.

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