Wearable technology is finding more and more applications in winter sports

According to a recent analysis by Club Med titled “Mapping Ski Trends Winter 2017/18,” the use of wearable technology in winter sports is becoming increasingly popular.

We have come to associate fitness trackers and smartwatches with keeping tabs on step counts, calories, distance, and sleep. However, there is a growing range of high-tech gear that is designed specifically for winter sports. These include ski goggles, snowboard goggles, snowshoe goggles, and snowshoe goggles. This covers everything from GPS-enabled helmets to ski goggles with built-in technology. The International Ski Federation has even given their stamp of approval to some, such as the POC Spine VPD Vest, which can be molded to fit your body and shield you from dangerous crashes (FIS).

According to Club Med research, nearly three-quarters (74 percent) of skiers will bring at least one piece of wearable technology to the slopes this year.Smartphones are, without a doubt, at the very top of the list. However, fans of winter sports are becoming more open to trying out new activities. This includes ski goggles with interchangeable lenses, generic smartwatches, fitness trackers, and GoPros. The order of popularity is based on how popular each product is.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that skiers and snowboarders are increasingly looking to technology to enhance their experience because wearables as a whole are experiencing increased levels of popularity. Another concern is whether or not they are noticing any actual benefits and whether or not they are simply purchasing these gadgets to experiment with something new. According to the findings of the study, more than half of skiers believe that the use of fitness trackers has no effect on their ability to ski.

Some people use the chilly winter months as an excuse to hibernate inside and watch television all day. However, a growing proportion of the population chooses to do things at this time that are more commonly associated with climates with a lower average temperature. This year, it is anticipated that over 60 million Americans will travel to one of the more than 460 ski resorts located in the United States.

The Winter Olympics are the most important competition of their kind that takes place on a global scale. The subsequent ones are set to take place in South Korea from the 9th to the 25th of February. They occur once every four years. These upcoming Olympic Games will be South Korea’s second overall but their very first Winter Games. 1988 was the year that Seoul played host to the Summer Olympics.

The public’s interest in the sport is picking up steam as preparations for the competition are already well under way, and this bodes well for its future. However, the Club Med research makes it quite evident that many of us are not utilizing the full potential of the technology that is associated with winter sports. When it comes to making effective use of the information that these devices supply us with, it’s possible that the most recent generation of wearable technology will be of assistance.

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