What are the differences between the Polar Ignite and the Polar Ignite 2?

The Vantage M2 and the Ignite 2 are the most recent additions to the assortment of products that Polar offers. Both improve upon their forerunners by making a few inconsequential alterations to the appearance, in addition to introducing a few new features that enhance their performance.

The enhancements that come with the Vantage M2 have previously been discussed in great depth. Ignite will be the topic of discussion throughout this piece.

This is neither a smartwatch nor a sports watch in the traditional sense. The company Polar refers to it as a fitness watch, and I think that description is accurate. To tell you the truth, it’s a well-liked fitness watch due to the fact that it has an appealing design and an extensive array of capabilities. Nevertheless, the first generation did not satisfy our appetites.

Should you upgrade if you already have the first generation Ignite?Is the model of the second generation a decent choice for someone making their first purchase? Continue reading to find out.


Comparing the Polar Ignite 2 to the Ignite: Technical Specifications

We found that the Ignite, in its initial iteration, excelled in a number of areas, particularly the design, which was appealing to both men and women. This is a lifestyle exercise device that won’t put a significant dent in your bank account.

In our review, we point out that Polar has managed to pack an incredible number of functions into something that is not only very attractive but also incredibly light. During our tests, we discovered that the sensor for monitoring heart rate performed admirably.

However, there were moments when the GPS was off by a little bit. In addition, the unreliable screen, which sometimes did not recognize our touches, was another thing that irritated us. It is hoped that both of these problems have been resolved with the release of Ignite 2.

The design of the most recent iteration of Ignite is, to a large extent, comparable to that of the Vantage M2 model. But there are some new hues available to us. Champagne, black, Pink Rose, and Storm Blue are the colors that fall into this category. In addition to that, there are some nifty straps that have Swarovski crystals embedded in them. Some of the available choices are depicted down below for your perusal.

When you look at the Ignites’ technical specifications, it’s difficult to identify what’s been updated. This is due to the fact that there is not much. There are no differences in the display, dimensions, weight, or resistance to water on either model. The vast majority of other things are too.

So, what exactly is different now?

Battery life is the primary determining factor. As was the case before, a single charge will last for a total of five days with normal use. However, the amount of time that can pass between charges has been increased to a total of 20 hours, an increase of three hours. In addition to that, something called “Training Time with power-saving settings” has recently been added. This is a setting for the GPS that consumes less power, and it enables the second generation device to last for up to one hundred hours of training.

The comparison of the specifications is as follows:

  Ignite 2 Ignite
Material Glass fiber reinforced polymer case. Stainless steel bezel & button. Glass fiber reinforced polymer case. Stainless steel bezel & button.
Dimensions 43 x 43 mm 43 x 43 mm
Depth 8.5 mm 8.5 mm
Display size 1.2 inches (resolution 240 x 240 pixels) 1.2 inches (resolution 240 x 240 pixels)
Display Gesture-activated color touch display (IPS TFT). Always-on option in training mode. Resolution 240×204. Dragontrail glass lens. Gesture-activated color touch display (IPS TFT). Always-on option in training mode. Resolution 240×204. Dragontrail glass lens.
Battery 165 mAh Li-pol battery 165 mAh Li-pol battery
Battery life up to 20 hours of recording duration (up to 100 hours with battery saving settings), and up to 5 days of recording time in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking. training time up to 17 hours, up to 5 days in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking.
Water resistance up to 30 meters (WR30) up to 30 meters (WR30)
Weight 35 grams 35 grams
Sensors GPS/GLONASS, accelerometer, heart rate, Ambient light sensor GPS/GLONASS, accelerometer, heart rate
Color options Champagne, Black, Pink Rose, and Storm Blue White, yellow, and black
RRP $230 $230

Compared to the functionality of the Polar Ignite 2 vs. the Ignite

The new Ignite is equipped with a variety of features such as an internal GPS, the usual assortment of fitness and sleep tracking sensors, data on rest and recovery, ideas for workouts from FitSpark, 100 different sports profiles, and more. Not much has changed since the original generation timepiece, as all of these features have always been available.

The heart rate sensor mode is something completely new. This gives you the ability to monitor your ticker from your wrist and transmit the information to devices that are compatible with it. It is an advantageous possession to have, even though we believe that the vast majority of individuals won’t have a use for it.

Then there is a concept that is referred to as “energy sources.” This generates an estimated breakdown of the energy that is burned during physical activity. The information is broken down into carbs, proteins, and lipids, respectively.

Because there is still no on-board storage for music, you will need to control the music using your smartphone. Because this function was missing in the past, it is an enhancement to the system. As are color themes for the watch face, which allow you to coordinate the color of the band with the color of the display. The weather information is also brand new.


Bottom line: Polar Ignite 2 versus Ignite

The second installment of the Polar Ignite series is an improved version of the game’s predecessor. On the other hand, we have a sneaking suspicion that Polar will try to cease and gradually phase out the first generation. Which means there will be discounts.

If you are still using the first generation Ignite, these upgrades are not likely to convince you to upgrade to the newest model of the product. But if this is your first time buying something, it’s a no-brainer; you should get the brand new one.

The changes mostly consist of a slightly increased battery life as well as some options for saving power, as well as improvements to music control, a heart rate sensor mode, energy sources, weather information, and face color themes. In addition, you will be able to take advantage of any future software updates.

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