What does it mean to dream about fish

Dreaming about fish is interpreted in most cases as something to come, it can be a positive thing . The fish flow and dreaming about them goes in the same direction. Except on rare occasions the dream could be negative, it will obviously depend on some characteristics of the dream. Fish can be a complete transition from some things you have planned.

Dreaming about fish symbolizes energy and economy. Fish are energy for the soul. They are a symbol for Christianity too. The fish has many symbologies in the paintings of art history.

Just as they bring good news, projects or ideas can be slippery . Difficult to materialize. If this dream is negative, it will also be related to something that will be gone soon. Read this text and you will know what to think about it.


You and the fish

Dream that you have a fish or fish in your hands 

You must be very careful because this dream alerts you that a very good opportunity will escape from your hands. This moment for you can be very important and you are letting it go. This affects you in the progress of your projects.

The issues you are currently involved in are quite slippery.¬†You must be more cunning and perceptive for things to flow smoothly.¬†Don’t expect others to take care of what you need to do for you.

Dream about seeing fish in your bed 

Take care of your health, you will have to face diseases of yours or those of close people. Take forecasts and go to a medical consultation shortly.

Dream that you are going to fish 

This dream is linked with all your energy and economy. If you manage to fish a lot, you will have abundance but if it is the opposite, it means that you will not have any success in what you propose.

Dream about fish attacking you

You are very tense lately and you feel¬†pressured by daily affairs¬†.¬†You don’t have many tools to defend yourself against these situations.¬†It is a defeatist attitude that you are showing before the realities that you are having to live

Fish in water

Dream that you see a fish that is swimming in clear water 

This dream is related to your prosperity. Everything you try to do will be well resolved, as long as you pay close attention to it. The projects are elusive but you can see them from a distance, that is to say that with a centered head, you can get to whatever you want. It is a dream that is linked to fertility in various fields.

Dream about seeing many fish 

Someone close to you has a health condition. Someone you know could even die. You will be in an alert situation before this emergency.

Dreaming that a cat is hunting a fish in the water 

You are proficient in business, take advantage of this wonderful quality that characterizes you

Dream that the fish are in a big pond 

It bodes well. The proportion of what it will cost you to achieve your project will depend on the size of the pond. Visualize the narrowness or breadth of the pond and act according to what you see.

Live fish out of water

Dream that a cat is hunting a fish 

You have some enemies and you can defeat their traps against you, with great insight. You realize their intentions and you will know how to defend yourself before they achieve their mission.

Fish that are not alive

Dream about dead fish

Prepare for a loss . It may be in the realm of money. You are very confident and you have not realized that you can risk a lot. What you lose will cost you to get it back, so this dream is foreboding, it alerts you to prepare and act in advance.

Dream about eating fish 

It means that you will be very lucky in what you propose and therefore it will be easy for the money to reach you. You have strength, and your spirituality is strengthened, Your luck is revealed in this dream. It is an invitation to think about your beliefs and that with them you can engage aspects of your daily life that are affected. You have the tools for it.

Dream that you eat fried fish

It is a dream that indicates a lot of prosperity and abundance . Take advantage of this time that has come to you to do everything you are considering. There are no obstacles in your way, everything is given so that what you want is resolved.

If a girl dreams that she sees a fish 

This dream will be an announcement of good fortune in your environment , everything you project will work wonders. It is very possible that you have a suitor with a good financial position.

Dreaming about going to the fish market 

You are surrounded by excellent possibilities to develop what you want . Do not feel limited because your daily life says that everything can be achieved. It will depend on your perseverance.

Dream that you are in the market buying rotten or spoiled fish 

This dream announces a bad streak in the workplace and therefore economic. He struggles a lot to jump this obstacle. It will cost you but you can win.

Dream that you are cooking fish 

You are acting in a new way because you are connecting with your spiritual part . This has strengthened you and guides you to achieve your projects.

Dream that you are cleaning fish 

You are striving to penetrate the social groups in which you operate. You do not realize that you can not stop being yourself to please others. Try to review this behavior. You must be who you are. Seek the best in yourself, but before it is for yourself, so that it is a genuine conduct.

Dream that you are eating a tuna or fish sandwich 

You are currently in serious conflict between your spiritual beliefs and the practice you do . Each thing is going in different directions.

Dream about fish roe 

A great idea is about to emerge . Do not let her escape, try to make her your guide to walk on a good path.

Fish in fish tank

Dream that you see fish in a small fish tank

It means that you will experience little good moments, but these tend to disappear very quickly. It is a good idea or a new concept that comes to mind, but you need to analyze it very well to adapt it to your life.

Dream about fish found inside a large aquarium, 

You are looking to focus on sexual aspects. It is a healthy dream, because you reflect on something related to this topic

Colorful fish

Dream about brightly colored fish, 

This dream announces a time of joy . You will attend events that will give you a lot of fun.

Dream about red fish

This dream signifies a deep love for your spiritual beliefs .

Dream about an orange fish 

You will have a good time characterized by joys and satisfactions.

Dream about a blue fish

This dream predicts physical and spiritual ailment

Dream about a black fish 

You are in imminent danger , You must take care of yourself more than ever.

Fish size

Dream about small fish

These are obstacles that will present themselves in various contexts . You must take provisions so that they do not affect you more than they should and you can flow.

Dream about big fish

You will close a great project or business . You will be successful in what you are undertaking. Very stable and prosperous finances.

Kinds of fishes

Dreaming of Tuna

You are skillful and you walk very firmly, it symbolizes that life will teach you to build your character progressively and to be stronger every day.

Dream about flying fish

You are very uninhibited and happy . Some of the things you do are paying off. You are very perceptive and you know when to change course because things are not right. Your imagination is very skillful and you have great ideas.

Dream of puffer fish

You must be very careful because in your environment there is a friend who can turn your back and make you suffer.

Dream about Salmon

This dream means determination in whatever you are doing. You have the strength and the wisdom to achieve what you want. You can fight almost anything without fear of anything, everything is very well oriented so that it goes perfectly.

Dream about swordfish

You are a very strong and smart person.¬†You know how to face the complex reality of life.¬†You don’t feel defeated at any time.¬†You have good vision to attack conflicts and dissolve them.¬†It is a great shape that you have cultivated.

Dream about piranhas

You have around you a series of people who are weakening you do not want you well and want to see you finished. Therefore they carry out actions against you. You must specify what people are, be they neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc. Do not allow them to destabilize you and even less to drain your strength and vitality.

Other dreams with fish

Dream that the fish run away from you

A great opportunity is out of your hands . You should think of this dream as a warning so that you can make forecasts quickly. Do not let your idea or project escape you, as it is really a good opportunity for you. You need a lot of precision in each step you are about to take.

Dream that the fish turns its back on you

You will experience¬†treason¬†in the workplace or in a friendly environment.¬†This dream prevents you from this situation so that it does not surprise you.¬†Visualize where this bad action comes from so that you neutralize it in time.¬†Don’t let it destabilize you.

If in the dream you are fishing 

It is a dream of prosperity , announcement of good finances that allows you to get out of debts and commitments linked to the economy

Dream about fish falling from the sky 

This dream brings¬†bad news¬†.¬†A hail of affairs you can’t control comes close.¬†You will have to arm yourself with courage to solve everything that is happening.¬†However, they are problems that drain, dissolve and go away.¬†They wreak havoc but don’t stay long.¬†You solve them.

Dream about many fish floating in the water

It is not a good dream. You must try to do good deeds. Lately your affairs are not going well and you are not acting correctly. You are a person who perceives what happens, but you stay still without acting. You need to become aware of it and make a radical change in your attitudes.

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