This dream on all sides, we must interpret it with something very unpleasant that will occur in our lives. It can be a hidden enemy that wants to hurt you, it can be a disease, it is also associated with economic losses. The truth is that no person likes to dream of lice and nits because it is also terrifying the sensation that one experiences when dreaming of this .

Bad companies are also announced in this dream. Alerts about your ways of assuming responsibilities and problems that come your way. You are a little scattered and you don't focus on solving it.

Sometimes our body cries out for attention and lice are an almost literal cry of your personal life, so that you attend to your affairs and do not let things happen. A louse is carelessness is even dislocation, therefore as you do not have them, but they have appeared in dreams, it is interpreted as carelessness in some areas of your current life.

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It is important that when you wake up, you remember all the elements that have appeared in your dream, pus will surely make sense in this dreamlike revelation. Let's see below a variety of interpretations of the most common dreams that can be known, related to these insects that generate so much discomfort.

Dream that you or someone has lice or nits

Be very aware of who the lice or nits are on. If they are in your own head or body, they have a very different meaning than if you see them in the head of another.

Dream that you have lice

It is the clearest example of a dream where the enemies are real . Do not hesitate to make provisions regarding the friends you have, because among them there are a few, who feel very marked envy towards you, and therefore are willing to do you harm.

The workplace is a complex environment, perhaps you are a good worker and receive compliments from your superiors and for this reason, these supposed friends at work, want to play a bad game to see you fall. In your neighborhood, there may be someone who also wants you badly, for something you own and that person would like to have.

Suddenly someone who has not treated you begins to do so with too much flattery and kindness. Or it can also happen to you that someone suddenly comes into your life and begins to meddle in it. In all these cases, you must be very alert.

Dream that you get lice

If they are removing the lice one by one, it means that you are calm and calm , it is also observed that you lead an orderly life where everything has its place. That inner calm is externalized and the people around you value you for it.

It is possible that you have a minor problem and you must apply your serenity to focus on it. Everything will be fine.

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Dream that you shake off the lice

This dream is positive in the midst of the bad, because you will have many problems that overwhelm you and make you uneasy, but from all of them you can go out and free yourself one by one. It will be a strong fight that you will have to live.

Dream that you shake off your lice and see it running around

You can get rid of your worries . No one will harm you, nor will they approach you out of pure interest.

Dream that the lice fall off

Surely you have been presenting health problems . You should not be taking care of ailments and this will lead to serious problems of this same nature, but major. You should go to a doctor immediately and do a general check-up, to specify how you really are.

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Dream about lice or nits and when you get up you feel your head itching

It is terrible that you have adapted to living with a certain problem . What you have always done is postpone the solution. You adjust to the problem but you continue with it. This is very negative, because a problem is like a snowball that while rolling is bigger and bigger.

In your case, the unsolved problems are getting bigger and bigger and then it will be very complex to back down.

Dream that you have a luxurious outfit and lice fall

Your professional career is satisfactory , you will be praised for what you do . You have opportunities to project yourself a lot from your professional performance.

Dream about lice on your body

This dream reveals to you that there is a sentimental problem that is around you. If you have a partner, it is recommended that you analyze your relationship and see where the critical knot may be.

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Dream that someone with lice or nits is someone else

It is possible that the person in the dream is having a bad time . If you can see his face and identify who he is, lend him support. Let's see other interpretations..

Biblical meaning of killing lice on someone else's head in the dream

It means that you are ready to overcome any adversity that is coming your way. You have made important decisions about removing bad people from your life who are hurting you. You identified the evil and are overcoming it.

Dreaming about lice on a friend's head that hides it

It is time to get very alert, this person in the dream wants to take advantage of you in some way and that is why he flatters you so much. Their friendship is not sincere, they are interested.

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Dream that my daughter has lice

You must protect her because someone must want to harm her. She herself may be feeling helpless and alone in this matter. She is crying out for support.

If this daughter is a teenager, the care is greater. Although if she is an already adult daughter, it will be important that you establish more contact with her. The truth is that she is going through conflicts of her own from her young age and only you can offer her the shelter she needs

Dream about lice and highlight your color

Lice generally appear in sleep, or black or white, let's see their precise meaning

Dream about white lice

You have slight problems that you can identify and you also know how to solve. You do not fear them because you are sure that you will come out on top. That conviction makes you very serene even though the problem is latent

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Dream about black lice

In this case the problem is very serious and the solution is not easy. You will have to fight to win the fight. The goal you will achieve will be after a high physical and mental wear. You must prepare for this unpleasant matter.

Dream about lice and you highlight their size

If in the dream what catches your attention is the size of the lice, it will be an important fact for the interpretation

Dream about small lice

It is not a good dream. You must take care of yourself, of illnesses that may worsen, loss of family members, unwanted pregnancies, break-ups, deceit. You must not neglect this dream. Analyze everything around you and look closely at your present circumstances so that you anticipate what is to come and take forecasts.

Dream about big lice

Check how your performance is in your work or business. You must be very prepared for what is to come, it may be a layoff or a decrease in your economy, a debt. For this reason, I recommend that you stop and sensibly evaluate each action you take in this context.

If you do this, you may determine where the errors are. Anticipate and talk to your boss and say that you are evaluating yourself, ask for their opinion about it, so that you can disarm their plan to fire you.

Dream about lice and you highlight their number or quantity

It is also important to know if the amount that caught your attention in the dream was

Dream about lots of lice

If your life is problematic, this dream shows it . You have serious personal conflicts that affect the family. These issues seriously affect you and are weakening you. You must bravely face and make decisions to change certain ways in your behaviors.

Dream that there are many lice on the floor of your house

You are afraid of what they will say. If so, then review your actions, that is one option and another is that you overcome that and be authentic, regardless of external opinions.

Dream about a handful of lice around

Someone is having a hard time and something tells you that you should run to support him. You must leave comfort and assume what touches you in this case.

Dream about a single lice

This means that your problem is very well identified . It can be big or small, but you already know it's one. By identifying it, you can have control of it perfectly.

Dreaming of dead or alive lice

The life or death of a louse has great connotations. Let's see some.

Dream about live lice

You are very concerned about something that may be of a daily order, or something not so serious. The important thing is that you have identified it and you will be able to face that problem or its cause, to act quickly.

You should also check if someone over there wants to disturb your tranquility and balance. Identify him and neutralize his bad wishes, letting him know that you know his intentions.

If in the dream they are living nits

There are people speaking ill of you . You must find out who they are, so that you stay away from them. They want to hinder the course of your projects, so you can not neglect.

Dream about dead lice

Something causes you discouragement and regret . That depresses you very much. As depressing as it may seem, it is good that you know where the failure is and what you are not achieving. It is possible that the dream prompts you to take another route that is correct.

Surely you will see your dreams come true but first you must take apart the structure you had and start with a new one.

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Dreaming of lice with another insect

These associations are very interesting to know. Lice sometimes mix up with other insects in dreams.

Dream about lice and ticks

This dream brings good news , even if it doesn't seem like it. It is associated with your strength. Ticks stick hard and settle. As it turns out, you are very well fixed in your areas: family, work, as a couple. You enjoy balance and stability. You also enjoy the loyalty of your friends.

Dream about lice and fleas

You must improve your attitude towards problems . You already know that life is very dynamic and there are never straight lines, there is always an ups and downs, so have that idea so that you do not conflict when something gets complicated.

Dream about lice and worms

There are problems in the family , but those problems are related to you, but nobody wants to tell you. There are rumors about you in your neighborhood and you haven't noticed it either. You cannot live absent from things.

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