It can be a dream that generates a lot of impression when waking up. Thinking about death has never been pleasant. Human beings know many things, they have very demanding knowledge, they obtain academic degrees, etc., but they have never known how to understand something as natural as death.

All living beings inevitably go through the phase of birth and death, so it is time to start breaking this pattern of fear in the face of something so natural. Attachments to people are what make us suffer, when you have to say goodbye to move on to another cycle.

Dreaming about a coffin is related to death, but it turns out that beyond this evocation, there are other meanings that are not necessarily negative or sad, that you should know.

Coffins allude at the end of stages, so it is very important to know how to interpret them according to the context, size and color in which they appear.

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Spiritual meaning of dreaming about coffin of a specific color

Dream about white coffin

The dream indicates that you are a pure being , do not fear the dream, it bodes well. You are a transparent person, sincere and with good feelings.

Dream about brown coffin

You must bury your resentments . What has happened let it flow immediately. These grudges weaken you. It also means that you have a very strong fighting spirit, you do not bow to adversity, you always have ways to advance

Dream about black coffin

You are on the eve of the end of a cycle that had you stuck. You need to let go of this matter now and you are ready to do it. Try to project what you want to do just this close cycle.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming of seeing you in the coffin

Dream that you are alive inside a coffin

This dream simply means long life . It is also associated with the desire to travel, establish new relationships, and new jobs.

Dream that you are sleeping inside a coffin

It means long and lasting life . You can be calm, you will live many years and you will enjoy good health for it.

Dream that you are trapped inside a coffin

You are very afraid of what they will say . Therefore you do not show yourself as you are or want to be. You are always taking care of the "poses" so that no one discovers who you really are.

Dream that you are transported to the cemetery in a coffin

This dream alerts you to the serious illness of someone you love . You will have to act to support him a lot. This person is counting on you.

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Dreaming that you are inside a coffin with anguish and despair

Something is going to happen that generates a lot of conflict and storm but you can get out of the problem that is tormenting you.

Dreaming that you are in a coffin with your partner

Both are dissatisfied with the relationship as they currently are. It is a stagnant relationship , lifeless and emotionless.

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Dreaming of actions in front of a coffin

Dreaming that you pray near a coffin

It is the fear you experience of thinking that someone you love is no longer with you.

Dream that you cry before a coffin

This dream is related to bad news . You must be prepared, so that you do not fall by surprise. The dream is announcing it to you.

Dream that you see carry a coffin

You are loaded with very serious concerns . Real problems are weighing you down and you don't know how to get out of them. You have been trapped with many issues that you have no chance to solve and currently this overwhelms you.

Dream that you are surrounded by coffins

You are going through a pressing moment . You have many people around you who really weaken you and involve you in issues that have negative consequences. Misfortunes are nearby lurking to get into your life.

Dreaming of people gathered around a coffin

There is a family secret that is being hidden from you and you are about to discover it right now. This secret may make you too angry when you find out what it is about. Control your anger, although you may have reasons to be upset

Dreaming of people carrying a coffin

There are decisions that other people will make that will affect you a lot. These decisions may affect and unbalance you a little. You must take control.

Dream about a coffin brought to a church

You feel guilty about something wrong and this fact will be discovered. The environment will react against you for this matter that you do not apologize.

Dreaming of priest putting his hands on a coffin

You will find peace and if you were guilty of something, you will be excused by those close to you.

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Dream about flowers on a coffin

Dream about a coffin with flowers

Someone very close is planning your marriage , but you will have serious setbacks before the event.

If the flowers are black

A sudden death of a person who is important to you is approaching. The black flowers are proof that this fact will affect you terribly.

If the yellow flowers

You can be lucky and receive an inheritance , a sudden wealth.

If the flowers have multiple and vivid colors

It is the achievement of a goal that you have always dreamed of achieving.

Purple flowers in this context

Wisdom accompanies you in every decision made.

See the coffin surrounded by stems from which the flowers were cut

It is a disappointment on the love plane.

Dream about characteristics of a coffin

Dream about empty coffin

You are very confused with the decisions you have to make. Try to be more accurate with what you have decided to do in some important matter.

Dream about wooden coffin

Cycle that ends to make way for new horizons in your life. It bodes well.

Dream about crystal coffin

There are issues in your life that close their cycle in a very transparent way without leaving bad consequences.

Dreaming of your name inscribed in a coffin

This dream is very important because in your life from now on there will be a before and an after . There will be an event that will give that pattern. These moments are striking because after crossing the border between one thing and another you will be able to assess what happened and what is currently happening.

Dream that a coffin moves alone

You will have serious relationship problems . It is a wake-up call for you to correct some attitudes that are weakening the relationship.

Dream about closed coffin

There will be a negative change in your life . You feel trapped by so much worry and stress. You need a break quickly.

Dream about open coffin

You are waiting for a new stage . This new time is full of good news, hopes for your plans and projects that will be realized. It is a dream with a good omen. You can undertake any project you want, everything will be very good for you.

Dream about an old and worn coffin

This is associated with losses, especially money . You must check among the people with whom you live, how they spend the money, because apparently they are wasting it and this brings you serious consequences, since you are the one who faces the situation.

Dreaming that the coffin falls to the floor and does not break

Difficult moments of serious difficulties will come , but everything will go perfectly, there will be no damage after the troublesome event passes.

Dream that the coffin is going to fall but you don't allow it

It will not take you by surprise the matter you will quickly know how to solve so that it does not affect anything your life.

Dreaming that the coffin falls to the floor and fractures

There will be changes in your life that will shake you . They are very strong and your nerves wobble and you feel yourself falling. You must strengthen your spirit to be able to face these changes.

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Spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone in a coffin

Dreaming that a person is inside a coffin

Come times of trouble , you have no tools to save you think this is the end for you. Despair is very sure to accompany you in the coming days.

Dreaming of dead in coffin

It is a dream of bad omen . These are future times that you are visualizing in advance. You are full of anguish and despair. Depression haunts you. Take great care not to get sick from heartbreak.

Dream about wake and coffin

The moments of crying and pain are close that will hurt you emotionally. The cry will be unstoppable and you will find no comfort. You must prepare for what is to come.

Dreaming of your partner alone inside the coffin

It is very possible that there is a fortuitous circumstance that separates them . The cycle they had to live together has already ended. It is painful and it will take a while to admit it but the separation needed to happen.

Dreaming of dead baby in coffin

It is a sign that a major change will come soon in your life . The projects will not go as you expect. In fact, this dream may signal the end of that project, so this requires you to renew your course.

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