Lions represent, in the symbolic universe of dreams, strength, power, courage, leadership . When dreaming of lions you must feel comforted, because your inner strength is emerging.

These dreams reveal how that value that you have perhaps kept crouched within you will now manifest itself in concrete situations, actions, events of your life. They will take hold in your personality and aspects that were somehow asleep or weakened will come into the ring.

The lion has historically been attributed the role of king of the jungle, for its imposing appearance , which makes it earn the respect of other species. At the biological level, the lion constitutes one of the species of wild carnivorous mammals, and among cats it is the second largest in the world, weighing up to 250 kg.

The lions live in packs and the lion is the defender of the group, who watches over the territory in the face of threats. The lionesses provide the food, they are the ones that go hunting and guarantee the food to the herd.

Because of his physical strength, his shiny fur and his radial mane like a shining sun, he has been given great importance as a mythological being of various civilizations. Not by chance since the Middle Ages, lions have been the emblem of military forces and of precincts of royalty .

It often appears in positions of power such as thrones or pedestals. Also as a symbol of defense, courage and greatness . In many cultures the lion is not only present in mythical narratives, but also in pictorial and sculptural representations, as a symbol of strength and power.

Dreaming of a lion must have these connotations that we have exposed, Let's see its various meanings below:

Dreaming of a meek lion

In the dream world, a meek lion represents loyalty . A person will come into your life to establish a bond of unconditional friendship with you. Nobility, honesty, will be the key to this relationship. The dream calls you to open yourself up to the possibility of starting a friendship with that person who will soon show you his honesty without limits or conditions.

Dream that a lion attacks you

You must attend to this dream in different directions. On the one hand, you may be envisioning fights with your partner or with a person of authority in your life, perhaps a person who has tried to be imposing, who does not dialogue but imposes his point of view.

On the other hand, it can represent difficulties or barriers to overcome in your life, before which you will have to draw your inner strength to avoid being overcome or intimidated. Finally, it could alert you to damage you can cause yourself if you don't control your temper or some other negative emotion that you let unfold.

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Dream that you fight with a lion

If in the dream you fight with a lion and you win the contest, it means that you will emerge triumphant from some situation in which another person competes with you for a certain power, merit, benefit (work, professional, academic, economic or loving). enemy that has tried to achieve your surrender at all costs.

Now, if in the dream the lion defeats you, it means that relationship problems or other difficulties in your life are coming. Aim to overcome these obstacles by drawing your inner strength, do not give up, because you would be defeating yourself.

Dream that you subdue a lion

This dream indicates that it is a good time to establish alliances with other people. Both in the field of love as well as in the field of business and labor relations you can do very well. Be confident in your actions, victory awaits you.

Dream that you are dominated by a lion

You must urgently strengthen yourself, abandon insecurities , do not give more space to your weaknesses. Arm yourself with courage and act with confidence . Certain people, especially your enemies, are reading your lack of conviction and they can take advantage of this to attack you.

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Dreaming of a caged lion

This dream invites you to develop your skills for your own success . Enhance your qualities so that you can be victorious in every situation that demands your interaction with people contrary to your principles, values, tastes, interests.

Dream about man who tames a lion

Dreaming about this scene means that you are developing mental agility or that you are a person who is attractive to others , has great sex appeal. It also shows your possibilities for success in the commercial activities that you propose. In the loving plane represents your abilities for seduction, you can captivate whoever you want.

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Dreaming of a pride of lions

The pride of lions represents in your dreams the moments of happiness that you will have in your life or that perhaps you are already enjoying. Cheap moments, good fortune, spiritual development, job stability, success in your projects. Everything that fills your life with joy is symbolized in that pride of lions.

Dreaming of lion cub cubs

This dream is foreboding. You will undertake new plans or projects in your life that will require your maximum attention to guarantee success. As long as you act safely and with the necessary coherence depending on the goals you have set for yourself, you can overcome obstacles and use them to your advantage.

If you are a girl, it means that you will live exciting moments. You will have intense dating relationships, full of exciting moments.

Dreaming of a lion moving towards you showing its jaws

If in the dream the lion shows you its teeth as it approaches you, it symbolizes your fears , those that you feel as you go in the direction of achieving your goals.

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Dream about lion skins

Lion skins represent your triumph . You will achieve happiness and good fortune. You will overcome your fears and you will know how to put your opponents in their place, demonstrating your strength and conviction in yourself.

Dream that you ride a lion

If in your dream you are on a lion, it symbolizes that you are letting your courage and confidence emerge to overcome obstacles or problematic situations in your life.

Dreaming of a loose lion

If in your dreams you see a lion on the loose, it means that before you are new possibilities of success . You have to identify your potentials and take advantage of them in front of a new opportunity that is being presented to you.

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Dream about lion hunt

This dream indicates that you are experiencing a process of letting go of your deepest fears . You are on the right path towards developing new projects, leaving cowardice behind and drawing your maximum inner strength to face new challenges with great value.

Dreaming of a dead lion

Without a doubt, when you dream of a dead lion, it reflects an important step you have taken in your life. You have made decisions that you had once postponed or evaded, but something prompted you to turn around and take charge of your life. Your gallantry has prevailed, now you shine and you feel more sure of yourself, with strength and vigor. You left the apprehensions behind and you are more regal.

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Dreaming of lion roars

In the dream world, the noises made by lions are signs of new sentimental ties . You must be attentive and evaluate the appropriateness of such links, as they can be favorable or disadvantageous, depending on the circumstances of your life in which they arise. Hear your inner voice.

Dream that you are a lion

Without a doubt this dream reveals very positive states of your life . Gallant as a lion, with brilliant ideas like his fur, vigorous to go out and face life with determination before every challenge to overcome and every goal to achieve. The best thing is your nobility, the one that will make you a good leader, willing to act for your own benefit but without harming others.

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Dreaming of a family of lions

The lions live in packs and as such they act collectively, the responsibilities are shared and this shows their cohesion as a group. So this dream augurs the family union, you and your loved ones are strengthened now more than ever, because between all of them there is an intimate connection that is nourished by loyalty and constantly renews it.

Dream that a lion protects or defends you

You can feel great satisfaction if you have dreamed of this scene. Whether in your workplace, in the family environment, in your friendship or in your relationship, you have managed to earn the respect and admiration of those who share that area of your life.

Dreaming of a circus lion

This dream represents your insurmountable character. On the feminine sentimental level, it represents toughness: you are not an easy girl , you are demanding and you will try to make a good choice or you will prefer to wait until the right person comes into your life.

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Dreaming with lioness

Dreaming of a lioness is not far from what it means to dream of lions. The female of this species also represents strength, strength, and leadership . You can consider that the lioness guarantees the livelihood of the herd while she is the one looking for food.

Therefore, it serves as a metaphor for your family situation economically. Depending on your place in the family, you enjoy the protection or you offer it to your own in that material plane.

Colored lions

Dream about white lion

If a majestic white lion appears in your dreams, you can continue sleeping peacefully because your inner strength is manifesting and is allowing you to develop courage, wisdom, gallantry . And best of all, you have succeeded by proceeding sensibly, with noble actions.

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Dream about black lion

Dreaming of a black lion suggests that you are using your inner strength to enhance negatives. It puts you on alert: use that energy to activate your qualities, do not let negative feelings or thoughts invade you.

You must get out of the dark clothing, no matter how bright it is and bedecked with good energy that shines with radiant light like the sun, remember that this shape and color adopts the lion's mane, do not let it become gloomy.

Dreaming of a lion's claw

According to this dream, you or someone around you in a position of power must make crucial decisions . If you are a leader, head of the family, boss in your work space or other space where you have the singing voice, be determined to arrange, carry out or guide actions.

Dreaming of a sea lion

This dream reveals your adaptability to the environment , but can also reflect complexes such as those related to your body weight. It can refer other loads that you can not get rid of, you feel that you find it difficult to overcome difficulties. Do not naturalize situations for simple comfort or evasion. Seek to lighten those burdens without victimizing yourself.

Dream about dandelion

Dandelions are called some small woolly flowers that you surely played with in your childhood, making each of their parts fly with your breath.

Seeing these striking little plants in dreams reflects your satisfaction with your condition of life . You feel pleased, fully calm. The nostalgia for moments lived in childhood is also revealed. If you blow in dreams the dandelion symbolizes the passage of time and longing. If you eat this plant in your sleep, you must attend to health issues.

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