Elephants are beings of the animal species, extraordinary. His presence undoubtedly gives us the idea that we are before an extremely strong and powerful being . Dreaming of an elephant in general lines alerts us to a deep self-reflection on the vitality that we possess.

Certainly an elephant, due to its weight and size, must move a little slowly, however it is capable of covering important distances, because it is highly resistant to all kinds of environment. If it is a rocky terrain, its legs are so big, they will be able to advance in the same way if the terrain is sandy or overgrown.

It means then that despite the obstacles an elephant n stops. The same is true of the dreamer. He will have to face many adversities but his mettle allows him to continue without fear .

The greatness of an elephant inspires you. After dreaming of one, you should reflect on where to direct your actions. With elephant's eye and memory. Its greatness is inspiring . That is why dreaming of an elephant gives you the idea that you will have enough capacity, strength and endurance to walk in your different environments without fear and with the conviction that you will always be successful.

Family and work success will be assured, because you know how to walk with a lead foot in every step you take and with very precise eyes.

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You are very worthy, so you do not feel crushed by anything. Let's see some interpretations that can guide you on this topic

You and the elephants in dreams

Dream that you are on an elephant 

Your talent will be recognized . You are a person highly recognized for your actions. You impact everyone in your relationship groups, be they work or family. Your friends praise you for the way you are. It is a personal characteristic that you must cultivate.

Dream that you are on an elephant and it is running

Your economy will be very prosperous , it will grow in the same proportion of this animal.´ It is a perfect time to carry out projects that imply economic growth, you will have the intelligence to solve it and move towards prosperity.

You will not lack anything, because you will have the necessary resources to solve each pending matter in your life. Everything that depends on money will be solved.

Dreaming that you feed an elephant 

You are an excellent friend , very faithful and constant with them. You must enhance this beautiful quality that characterizes you. You will always be accompanied because you give without expecting to receive. For you, your friends are an essential part of your life and this is characteristic of a very noble being.

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Dream that you draw an elephant 

Sleep is related to the tranquility and calm you experience after a long period under great stress. It is a positive dream, you are preparing yourself for a new prosperous stage of your life.

Dream that you are afraid of an elephant 

There is a huge problem that you are very afraid to face . You must sharpen your perception of the issues that surround you because perhaps you are fearing something that is not greater than your strength or your intelligence. Do not underestimate yourself with anything that is happening, because you are very capable of solving it.

Dreaming that you give water to an elephant 

You will be rewarded for past actions . It is the opportunity to vindicate yourself with pending issues. You must remember, perhaps a list would do you good. Pause a bit to remember, and find what was left there unsolved. This will give you a reward or gratification.

Dreaming that an elephant is our pet

It means that you will be successful, logic and intuition prevail in your attitudes . You have good sense for choosing great friends. How wonderful this dream. Your sensitivity is infinite, that's why everything goes for you, being a good friend also gives you very good benefits naturally. You are a giver.

Dream that you have an elephant's head 

You feel like a winner in some situations. You trust your luck and neglect yourself, overconfidence can be your enemy right now. Remember that it is feasible to have mistakes, you are a common human being, do not trust yourself too much of your good fortune. Save don't spend it all.

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Dream that you sell elephant tusks 

You are a little generous, selfishness is prevailing in your behavior over other attitudes. This trait does not favor you because egoism ends up translating into loneliness. Reflect on this and propose a radical change in attitude, evaluate yourself when you are in this type of action and you will see how unpleasant this is. You yourself want not to be this way.

Dreaming about the color of an elephant

Dream about white elephant

It represents honor and a lot of nobility . You are an extraordinary being, wherever you are you always stand out for these high qualities. You really are a noble being, that's why you receive many benefits from your environment.

Dreaming of a golden elephant

You are very materialistic . This is not healthy, for you forget to dwell on genuine affection and the sincerity of relationships. You see everything thinking about the benefit you could get from it. You must think that this type of behavior affects you, nobody wants a person with this way of acting next to them.

Dreaming of gray elephant

It has to do with your work environment, go reflecting, how is your work environment, your relationship with the boss or with employees , depending on the position you occupy.

Dreaming of colorful elephant

It means that you have a quite plump but fun life. If you don't have it yet, you'll see it these days. Something will happen that will make you feel calm, peaceful and very happy. The colors of an elephant are extreme peace.

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Dreaming of pink elephant

Your relationships are on the right track. You have excellent communication. You are affectionate and this will make you very well received in all contexts.

Situations with elephants

Dream that an elephant steps on you

This dream is related to the humility that you must develop to relate to others. You are passing through life and you cannot believe that you are indispensable or you are the best. Take into account the value of others and publicly acknowledge them. That will make you a better person. Don't let pride be your standout feature.

Dreaming of running elephants

It is a good omen you will have a life full of emotions and intense experiences. Your vitality is enhanced in these times. It is a good time to build

Dreaming of an elephant in a circus

This type of fantasy warns of an exaggerated pride, you are conceited and this is not correct. You must be a little more humble. You like to attract attention and publicize your great abilities. You like being applauded and making efforts to get compliments, but this attitude ends up being a bit heavy on others.

Dreaming of an elephant at the door of the house

You will have very good fortune in everything you propose. It is a good time to project new ideas. A change in your home could be a great idea to give yourself another air. Refresh your surroundings, give your spaces another nuance, perhaps plant plants, open windows, change curtains. It is a call to change the interior of your home for something that generates freshness.

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Dream about hunting an elephant

You must stop and start worrying about the future. This dream is negative, it puts you in front of your failures , which are many. Dreaming about hunting an elephant is a sign that you are making many mistakes.

Dream about eating elephant meat 

You will receive a money or benefit from an institutional entity. Government or company. It may be a scholarship or a job stimulus.

Dream about killing an elephant 

You are very stuck in your daily routines . It is important that you consider a change, perhaps a short trip would do you a lot of good. Request a few days at work so you can take this break, which will benefit you a lot. Tasks after that will flow more efficiently.

Your projects are very stagnant and that's exactly why. Feeling tired does not allow you to generate creative ideas to solve successfully.

Dreaming of elephant in the water

You enjoy a stage of tranquility after having gone through difficult times in which anxiety overwhelmed you. This shows you that you are very capable of overcoming your jams. It ratifies you in your great possibility of solving your personal affairs.

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Dreaming of elephant swimming in ocean or lake

It means that you are carefree about some issues that surround you, you can allow yourself now a short vacation to relax and be even calmer. It is very necessary that you listen to this dream.

Dreaming of stuffed elephant

It is a nice dream that puts you in front of your ratification of being a person with a lot of strength but at the same time with a lot of softness. It is the contrast between power and subtlety in the same person.

Dream about the size of an elephant

Dreaming baby elephant

It is your desire to start a family . You like the idea of extending yourself. You no longer want to be alone which means that if you have a partner, you may be thinking of consolidating the union. If you do not have it for sure, you will be meeting someone these days.

Dream big or huge elephant

It symbolizes the harvest of something you have sown . Your work surely you have done with a lot of effort, leaving good seeds. In your family, in the same way, you have contributed a lot little by little. Right now you are reaping the fruits of this great patience

Dreaming of a small elephant

It is an indication that you are thinking about an idea that will not be of benefit to you in these times. Do not project tasks these days because it is not a good time for it. However, you must keep rethinking the idea to give yourself some nuances of change, when you are going to undertake it, it must be better configured.

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Dreaming of an elephant's behavior

Dreaming of angry elephant

You will live a great displeasure in the family context . Take precautions and do not expose yourself to scenes of discussions so that you can lessen the impact of this impasse.

Dreaming of an elephant chasing you

You can be the victim of dangerous actions or that attempt against you. You must be alert because the attack could come from those who least expect it. Have a good eye to specify who can be of you to harm you and protect yourself, remember the elephant gives you the strength and intelligence you need to get out of it very satisfied with the result.

Dream about elephants

Dreaming of a single elephant 

Will receive some income , you may be the amount under , but they'll solve everyday issues that were pending

Dream about various elephants 

You will have an abundant economic benefit , which will give you great relief and better purchasing power. This will greatly ease your routines. You can buy things you wanted to have.

Dreaming of herds of elephants 

Success will be certain in something that you are thinking of making very demanding. Don't be afraid and get on it. Many intelligences together are in your environment, this will help you to do what you want to do very well. You will always be very well accompanied, your friends are good. Take care of this important issue for your collective growth.

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